WWE News: More on Miz's Heat, Frustration Towards Alberto Del Rio Too

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WWE News: More on Miz's Heat,  Frustration Towards Alberto Del Rio Too
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Fresh off of former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio's controversial comments about The Miz in a radio interview last week, comes a report confirming that there is locker-room unease towards Mike Mizanin, but that Del Rio may have picked up his own fair share of heat over the past year as well.

Dave Meltzer notes in the week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Miz actually had heat long before he botched catching R-Truth on a dive during the main event of last week's Raw (that incident reportedly earned Miz one hell of a tongue-lashing from the all-powerful Triple H backstage when the show was over), and Del Rio's comments reflect how many in the locker room really see The Real World star. Meltzer writes: 

From what I'm told...as right now Miz has about as much heat on him as anyone, and it really has little to do with the R-Truth spot from last week. The feeling is he's like a little frat boy who is loud and has to be the center of attention.

Although, Del Rio may not be one to talk about people having heat. Meltzer also noted that, interestingly, there is internally some anger towards Del Rio as well, with the feeling that the Mexican star's ego far outweighs anything he has done during his time in WWE (his two short titles reigns last year were largely considered flops, and many consider his charismatic personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez, to be the real star of the act).

Del Rio has some heat because he gives the air of someone who thinks he's a master backstage politician and walks around and carries himself like he's a big star, when there is a perception he's a guy who was given a monster push and a great sidekick, because they are looking for people bilingual and he's tall and has the great movie star look, but doesn't get over great in his matches nor is he over nearly the level of the push.

At this point, it may be easier to ask: Who doesn't have heat in WWE? They may need to build a new, bigger doghouse.

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