San Diego Padres: Iconic Song Titles That Resemble the Starting 9

Kevin Abblitt@kevinabblittCorrespondent IIIFebruary 19, 2012

San Diego Padres: Iconic Song Titles That Resemble the Starting 9

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    Let me paint this picture.

    Forty-three thousand strong, emphatically waving their Padres towels for the onset of the coveted ninth inning drama. The lights turn off, and the stage is lit. The spotlight hones its attention toward the outfield fence, just behind center field, where the doors are set to open.

    The euphoric sensation magnifies as the iconic ACDC lyrics of Hells Bells send the crowd into a feeding frenzy as the revered No. 51, Trevor Hoffman, approaches the field along with his signature jog.

    The hype and charisma that the Padres garnered from the illustrious Hall of Fame career of Trevor Hoffman has resurrected, The dawn of a new era nears for the Padres. 

    Offseason tactic: In with the new and out with the old.

    With new players, new uniforms, a new logo and a new GM, the Padres have significantly restructured their clubhouse across the board. Thus, new leadership roles have surfaced. The Padres have their sights set high this season and will attack on all cylinders in attempt to make ends meet.

    Word of the season: stability. Traversing across position to position, up and down the board, the Padres are stacked. It isn't news that the Padres have one of the most deeply rooted farm systems in all of baseball. A handful of that talent has blossomed into key assets for the 2012 campaign.

    I am here to rekindle that burning lust and solidify the hype that is Padres baseball.

    I have attended to the realm of the music industry and individually labeled the starting nine players with song titles that best resemble themselves.

    The songs will draw a parallel, highlighting their career, character and contributions to this year's ball club.

    Without further ado, sit back, relax and let the lyrics speak while the mind listens.

Sky Is the Limit by Lil Wayne

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    Entering the pivotal 2012 season, the Padres know that the time is now. I know that my whole city is depending on me.

    After a healthy offseason of recalibrating the rotation, the Padres believe they are set for what is proposed to be a steady influx of victories this season, relying heavily on the inning-eating arms of the pitching staff.

    There is no defining ace pitcher on this staff. However, working as a core rotation, they collectively create a 5-man strong ace pitcher.

    The only thing on the mind of a shark is eat. These are the sound lyrics that the 2012 Padres starting rotation are going to abide by at all costs.

    They will mow down the lineups of the visiting teams, attacking with a vengeance, to maintain the viable opportunity for a 'W.'

Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen

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    Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Hundley resembles the country strong identity of a Southern gentleman.

    Hundley's game encompasses real bits of genuine hops in his bat to accompany his southern comfort behind the dish.

    It was only fate that I assigned Nick Hundley to the country strong voice of Jake Owen's Barefoot Blue Jean Night.

    The telling line in the song that echos Hundley were the lyrics, "Never gonna grow up, never gonna slow down."

    There is no telling when this stud of a catcher will be put to rest. He has all of the potential to strengthen his proven character and approach to his everyday job.

    Hundley is nothing if not persistent. When the going gets tough, Nick always finds a way to stand above the crowd.

Wall to Wall by Chris Brown

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    A place hitter, Alonso will smack scorching liners through the gaps or wind back to launch moonshots over the fence line.

    Assuming the starting role, he will now have a more desirable opportunity to further propel his game.

    Overall, this guy can slug with the best of 'em. Padres fans should be electric about this new guy handling the grounds of first base, as well as serving the security function by stepping into the ever dependent clean-up role in the batting order.

    The Padres like what they have, and hopefully his numbers can successfully transfer to the NL West.

Fly Like an Eagle by Seal

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    Respect the Vet.

    Although time keeps slippin' into the future, don't let his age fool you into thinking he is washed up and past his prime. The O-Dog can still Fly Like an Eagle across the diamond with the best of them.

    Hudson has relied on his attractive presence and enthusiasm on the base path and at the helm of second base throughout his extensive career.

Not Afraid by Eminem

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    Safe to say, Headley had his most tragic season upon offensive ranks last year, and it didn't help when he suffered a finger injury that sent him to the dreaded DL. Entering his fifth season, Headley knows what it takes to be successful in this league.

    The vital offensive improvements made will prove to be paramount for Headley, providing him with a foundation to flourish.

    This song is best suited for Headley because he has been to the gates of hell and lived the bottom-dwelling life. Now resurrecting his career and future for the franchise, he is Not Afraid to be anything less than great. In the end, he will be able to say, I'm way too up to back down.

    He has the mindset of starting a revolution. I'm breaking out of this cage.

Life Is a Highway by Rascal Flatts

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    Life is a highway, and so too is the baseball season. This song choice symbolizes Bartlett's expansive mileage he has encompassed over the duration of his career.

    First drafted by the Padres in 2001, he was quickly FedExed to the Minnesota Twins after they acquired Khalil Greene in 2002.

    After enduring a short stint in the Twin Cities, he was sent to the Tampa Bay Rays in 2007. After recording an All-Star season in 2009, he was once again boarding the plane for the West Coast as he was sent to reconvene with the Padres in 2010.

    Bartlett can attest: There's no road that he can't hold. Life may be a perennial highway, but it is time for Bartlett to settle in and acclimate to PETCO.

    Bartlett knows that the Padres may be looking to implement a one-to-two day starter to cover his everyday role, giving Bartlett time to focus more on his level of play. This subtle move will hopefully launch Bartlett to the All-Star-caliber numbers we all know he is capable of.

I'm Coming Home by Diddy Dirty Money

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    The Padres believe that the missing catalyst has now been restored."I know my kingdom awaits," and we, Padres fans and the city of San Diego welcome in the big bopper with open arms.

    Hailing from the suburbs of Los Angeles, Quentin has returned home to the Golden State in an opportunity to become a staple in the San Diego lineup.

    The NL West as a division is filled with late season suspense and drama, but the Padres are always a front-runner. With the surging offensive weapons the Padres gathered this offseason, it is safe to say that the Friars want to win now and take authority over their division.

    Just another reason why the Padres' level of optimism heading into the season is in the clouds.

Swag so Official by Wiz Khalifa

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    Maybin by name, SWAG so official by reputation.

    It is never hard to spot No. 24, either flying around the base path or turning his courageous efforts into home-run saving spectacles. After exploding onto the scene last year, all signs are gunning for yet another stellar performance.

    This is the element that sets him apart from the rest. And above all, Maybin isn't one to speak about his game—he lets his game do the talking. 

    Covering gap to gap, Maybin patrols all things in play from his stomping grounds in center field.

    With a solid year in the organization, don't act surprised when he turns you into a believer.

Cinderella Man by Eminem

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    Who can catch lightning in a bottle? Set fire to water?
    Comin' out the nozzle on the fire hose, flier than swatters?
    Cinderella man, Cinderella man, Cinderella man, Cinderella man.

    Jeremy Lin? Maybe. Will Venable? Definitely.

    Venable has all the potential to send his game soaring through the roof; it just has yet to definitively happen.

    Inconsistency has brought him to this daunting stage of falling off the ropes. He knows that playing time will be sharply cut if he doesn't produce, but that will not be the case come this season.

    As the projected lead-off hitter, Venable will once again prove his dexterity. His versatility from raw speed on the base-path to patience in the box compliment his ground-covering ability on defense, eliminating all regard for his body.

Thunderstruck by ACDC

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    In honor of the revered and amplifying sound of Trevor Time's Hell's Bells, I bring back the hard rock and electric carnival presentation of ACDC with the 2012 bullpen version of Thunderstruck.

    Like Hells Bells, Thunderstruck has the ability to set the tone for the conclusion of the game and a time to hype both the stadium and players alike, bringing the night to an explosive end.

    Luke Gregerson will be the set-up man. He has proven his timely ability to hold off the late-inning onslaughts by visiting teams with his jerky windup and deceptive approach to keep the hitters off balance.

    Enter Huston Street and his sinful slider. It is said to be so filthy that it will have you shakin' at your knees, ultimately causing them to desperately buckle.

    Street has large shoes to fill as the captain of the bullpen, but he should have no problem fitting into the role. Entertaining diverse arm angles, Street will have you thunderstruck, sending you straight back to the pine.