Top Pro Wrestling Dream Matches We Never Saw and Never Will (Bonus Predictions)

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Top Pro Wrestling Dream Matches We Never Saw and Never Will (Bonus Predictions)

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    Time flies regardless of what you find yourself doing. I last wrote a piece on B/R in June 2011. It was my most successful piece to date in terms of number of reads it received, and for that, I thank all wrestling fans for taking the time to read my article. It means a lot considering there are an endless number of articles written for B/R every day, and for that, I am highly appreciative.

    Now, after you wasted your time reading that intro, let's get down to the real important stuff.

    Disclaimer: I am no longer a wrestling fan in the sense that I simply don't watch it anymore. What has happened to wrestling is just sad. The product is just so wasteful that I'm ashamed to think that I once refused to miss Monday Night Raw or Nitro.

    That, and the fact that I'm 24 years old now. Not to say that one shouldn't like wrestling at 24, but when the product gets bad and you get older, it's inevitable that you end up sticking to more traditional sports.

    Nevertheless, I at times have found myself thinking of some great dream matches that I never had the pleasure of seeing. I will certainly miss some depending on when you started watching wrestling, but I'm going to list my favorite dream matches that we never saw and will never see. On top of that, I will add a prediction of who would have won the match the majority of the time. Basically, I will consider physical attributes, era, popularity and a couple of other factors to decide (It's all BS anyway).

    Feel free to add your own dream match on the comments section and don't hesitate to say what you please, because in my world, it's all good.

    Note: I realize this piece is not the first of its kind, I imagine it has been done a few times before, but this is my version and I know that these matches would all be classics.


Ricky 'the Dragon' Steamboat vs Rey Misterio Jr.

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    If you want to put on a match that will probably steal the show, you can take these two wrestlers and almost guarantee it. Rey Misterio is arguably the greatest high flyer of his generation, and Ricky Steamboat was a high flyer in a time where high flying wasn't really common at all.

    This matchup would have had full-blown action from beginning to end. The endurance and agility from these two guys makes them true athletes in a sport where half of the show is a soap opera. While both are from different eras, I have a feeling they put over a guy like Misterio in this match due to his popularity and propensity to upset.

    Screw it, though; Steamboat wins due to his build.

    Match Type: Standard

    Winner: Steamboat

The Rock vs HBK Shawn Michaels

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    The most electric wrestler ever versus the showstopper? That's easily main event Wrestlemania material with or without a title on the line. I don't know how or why this match never happened, but it is truly a shame.

    It still could happen, technically. But with The Rock short on time for the WWE and HBK retired, it won't happen.

    The Rock could make any match great and was extremely good at carrying other wrestlers. HBK was just as good at carrying his opponent to make a great match. Now, imagine both of these egos trying to carry each other and make sure they put on the show of a lifetime. Both come from, but also shared time in, the same era, and while I have love for both, I must pick one winner.

    What can I say? I can't pick against HBK in this one. The Rock will job to Michaels because the fans will want it.

    Match Type: Standard

    Winner: HBK 

Sting vs Ultimate Warrior

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    This match and feud would have been captivating. The reason being because both guys were major baby faces and never really in a position to be heels at any point in their careers. Both were huge in the 1990's, and both became icons in the wrestling business at one point. While they did team together, WCW (for all its good, it did plenty wrong and deserved to fail) never put these guys to go one-on-one.

    This is where wrestling is hurting the most today; the simple lack of creativity is killing it.

    Anyway, it was really the same case here. How do you put these two huge seemingly invincible "good guys" in a match? Well, no one had an answer, or perhaps even the idea, so it never happened. Warrior was the stronger man, and Sting was the more agile wrestler.

    Let's face it, Warrior really was not the best technical wrestler, but the clash would have been epic because both guys would often overcome adversity and find a way to win. I simply don't know who would have won this match with both wrestlers at their peak, but I'll tell you who I would have liked to see win.

    Match Type: 2 out of 3 Falls

    Winner: Sting

Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    This match could have happened! This match was going to happen! Dam Austin and his ego...

    Yet, I understand him. Brock Lesnar was peaking around the time this match was supposed to happen, and I believe Austin was caught up in personal and legal issues, which led to his walking out on the company some years ago.

    Austin's star was fading in the eyes of management, and honestly, it was their fault. In my opinion, no one was bigger than Austin, but the creative team put him in these crap storylines and even had him face Scott Hall at Wrestlemania. An old and drunken Scott Hall, I might add. This match would have been an easy sell to the fans, and we all thought it was coming sooner or later.

    The rattlesnake's relentlessness against Lesnar's awesome power and surprisingly good agility. I don't know about you guys, but I would have loved to see Austin stomp a mud hole in Lesnar.

    But as we know, Austin walking out had part to do with him having to job against Lesnar. Perhaps a couple of years earlier, Austin would have won, but there is no denying the WWE was enamored with pushing Lesnar to the top, so a prediction isn't that necessary.

    Match Type: Standard

    Winner: Lesnar

Kurt Angle vs Bret "The Hitman" Hart

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    The excellence of execution... well actually, you can refer to both guys as exactly that. Technically, you would be hard pressed to find a better technical match with names this big being featured. This would have been a beauty of a match to watch, not to mention when both guys bring their "A" game, they were going to put the crowd on the edge of their seats.

    Unfortunately, this one will surely never happen, and it never should happen at this point. But having both guys in their primes facing off, one could only wish. I would not have minded either guy winning, but I think Hart's charisma would have won him over the the crowd, and management would have Hart defeat Angle with a sharp shooter, winning 2-1 in a 60-minute iron man match. 

    Match Type: Iron Man Match Or Submission Match

    Winner: Bret Hart

The Undertaker vs Sting

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    As with all of the dream matches listed here, the only way it would be intriguing to me is if both guys were in their primes. Now, take a moment and think about how incredible it would have been to have Sting and the Undertaker standing face to face at Wrestlemania in front of 80,000 fans. Specifically, 1998 would have been the perfect year.

    There is no way to put this into words, and it's just another unfortunate blunder by people in charge. I know WWE vs. WCW was the thing back then, but imagine if at least sometimes, they would have joined forces and put on an event where dream matches can happen.

    This would have been one of them, and both companies would have been swimming in cash! Technically, this match can still happen, but it never will. Sting and Taker are both past their physical primes, and neither would leave their respective employers for the other.

    This dark match (I really mean dark) would have had to have a winner, but since ideally, it takes place at WM...

    Match Type: Standard

    Winner: The Undertaker

The Game HHH vs Macho Man Randy Savage

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    Obviously, this one may be a bit more to my liking. You never really hear it a lot, but I honestly think this match would have been great. Both guys, at their physical and popularity peak, would have been the rage at the time. Both guys know how to put on a great match; HHH will be the perfect balance to Macho Man's fast-paced style.

    While Macho Man was also pretty strong, the match would feature a variation of pace, and HHH knows how to calculate the speed of a match quite well. He has always adjusted to his opponent and knows what to do to amp the crowd up.

    The feud would have been awesome; no one really makes a feud cooler than The Game. To make this match a bit more interesting, I would have liked to see this match as perhaps something where DQ could not happen.

    While I am a big fan Savage (RIP), I'm an even bigger fan of HHH, and I see him using a sledgehammer followed by a Pedigree to win it.

    Match Type: 3 Stages of Hell

    Winner: HHH

Match of the Ages: Hulk Hogan vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

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    We all knew it was coming. And it will keep coming too.

    This would have been epic. This would have been the ultimate clash of names and egos. The greatest match we never got to see and one that we never will see.

    To many, this match would have sucked. Possibly so. And while I do respect their opinion, I think it's just foolish not to had been interested in seeing it. Come on; you're talking about arguably the two biggest icons this sport has had to offer. EVER. 

    Get back to me when you can find bigger names and bigger bank wrestlers than these two. I won't sit here and claim either is a better in-ring performer than HBK; they simply aren't.

    But with the right creative team, the match would have worked. More so, the feud would have simply been worthy of a year's worth of build-up. Something they are doing with Rocky and Cena (Ugh) and what WCW did with Hogan and Sting.

    This would be the highlight of any WrestleMania. Both guys at the peak of their careers. Who would win? Who would be OK with losing? The ego clash would have easily been bigger than the physical clash itself.

    But a prime Hogan could move, and so could a prime Austin. This match would have been nasty, and the crowd would stay loud for this one. The crowd would have to break the WrestleMania 3 record of 90,000-plus (don't know if it's been broken). That's how big this match would be, so big that the venue would determine when and where it would happen. It would sell out faster than any wrestling match ever has. It would have been big enough to be the only match on the card.

    But I digress and ask myself: With both guys in their primes, who would win? Hogan's power and charisma or Stone Cold's fearlessness and better arsenal? I'll let you guys decide that one.

    Match Type: Standard

    Winner: ???

Honorable Mentions

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    Seriously, there are many dream matches we would have all liked to see. I wish we can go back in time and make all of these wrongs right. I honestly would love to read what you guys think would be great dream matches. Here are my honorable mentions off the top of my head (all wrestlers in their primes):

    - Brock Lesnar vs Hulk Hogan 

    - Stone Cold vs Goldberg

    - The Rock vs Sting

    - HBK vs Hulk Hogan 

    - Y2J vs Macho Man

    - Bret Hart vs The Rock 

    - HHH vs Bret Hart 

    - Eddie Guerrero vs Bret Hart

    - Ricky Steamboat vs Y2J

    - Hulk Hogan vs Billy Graham

    - Vince McMahon vs Eric Bischoff vs Paul Heyman

    - Iron Shiek vs The Rock

    - Mankind vs Sting

    And many more!


    I'll update them if I find your dream matches worthy and put your name next to them.


    - Batista vs Lesnar (Adel Zi Lanus)

    - Big Show vs Andre The Giant (Rich Kingofalldoughboys)

    - The Outsiders vs The Road Warriors (Rich Kingofalldoughboys)

    - Chyna vs Kharma (Ahmed Wardy)

    - HBK vs Sting (Marshall Ecks)

    - Hardy Boys vs The Rockers (Jose Aguilera)

    Thanks for reading!