Time for David Stern to Go "All-Lin"

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Time for David Stern to Go
Chris Chambers/Getty Images
Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin has been taking his lumps while he's been lighting up NBA arenas.

It's time for David Stern to whisper in the collective ear of the NBA officials.

He might say something like this:

“Psst, guys. This kid Lin is making everybody forget about the lockout. He's not only saved the Knicks' coach, but he's saved the Knicks' season and he's pumping up attendance everywhere he plays. Plus, he's taken all of the heat off me for my bungling of that Hornets/Lakers/Clippers horror, and he's opened up markets around the world that I could only dream about. Imagine, if China was all-Lin on the NBA! (giggle) Yes, I love how everyone plays with his name."

“But, guys, yes, you guys that are in charge of managing the games, of calling the fouls and protecting the league's assets, listen up: Jeremy Lin is getting mugged by just about every defender. I don't expect you to treat him like Jordan and call a foul every time he's touched in the lane late in the game, but you must realize he has quickly (astonishingly) become one of the NBA's assets."

"Right now, he might be the most visible one. So a little superstar treatment is in order, and hurry up. Stop swallowing your whistles when he gets whacked just because nobody had heard of him two weeks ago. THEY'VE HEARD OF HIM NOW, and everywhere in the world, it seems."

"You guys understand me?”

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