WWE Elimination Chamber 2010: Ranking the 6 Smackdown Participants

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterFebruary 15, 2012

WWE Elimination Chamber 2010: Ranking the 6 Smackdown Participants

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    Smackdown seems to top Raw a lot. In terms of wrestling matches, the Blue Brand wins on a weekly basis. In terms of head to head matches, Smackdonn wins more often that not.

    On this night, it was a coin toss. The Raw Elimination Chamber was very exciting and produced a new champion. That followed up with yet another title change. Could Smackdown live up the expectation?

6. John Morrison

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    Truth be told, John Morrison actually made it to the final three. He hit his usual "spots," but his showing here has to ranked last.

    His appearance was just not needed. If I recall, his body was a little banged up anyways. That calls for time off WWE TV and competing could very dangerous.

    Eventually, Undertaker finished him off. The crowd cheered, and I yawned...

5. R-Truth

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    R-Truth started the match with CM Punk. Sadly, it did not last long.

    Truth was quickly sent to the back, and his night was over. The reason he is ranked ahead of Morrison is because he showed me something.

    Truth showed some potential here. It was a short outing with Punk, but he made it count. Well done sir!

4. CM Punk

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    Punk was quickly eliminated as well.

    He was feuding with Rey Mysterio at the time, so it made plenty of sense for Mr. 619 to pin him. The two had a nice back and forth feud in 2010, and I remember it fondly.

    Also, who can forget Punk cutting a promo during this match?


3. Rey Mysterio

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    For some reason, Rey Mysterio was eliminated by John Morrison and one of his "flippy" moves. It didn't make sense in 2010, and it makes even less sense in 2012.

    Either way, Mr. 619 had yet another great showing here. The man should have been taking time off, but he wanted to "gut it out." I can respect that, but you need to be healthy!

    In the end, Mysterio proved yet again that he is not done just yet. His age may be a factor. His injuries may be a factor. His style may be a factor.

    It doesn't matter. Rey Rey can still perform at a high level.

2. Undertaker

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    Undertaker walked into the chamber as World Champion. I didn't see any way he enter Wrestle Mania still wearing the gold, so it was going to be an intriguing battle.

    He made a late appearance (as usual), but Taker made himself known. There was no rest here for the Deadman. The legend did not "take it easy" one bit on this night.

    The Undertaker made it to the final two, but Shawn Michaels made sure he did not leave as World Champion. Yes, Shawn Michaels interfered and cost him his title!

    For those who don't remember the epic video package, I highly suggest watching the four minute clip posted. Absolutely perfect!

1. Chris Jericho

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    Chris Jericho left the arena as new World Heavyweight Champion!

    For that reason alone, he gets the top ranking. Pinning Undertaker—clean or not— is a major deal, and he did just that.

    It was the only logical way for this to go. Thankfully, WWE stuck with the "KISS method" I love so much. You don't need crazy swerves, surprises, or anything that "breaks the fourth wall" to have a great story.

    WWE had HBK cost Taker the title to set up their match. On the flip side, Jericho was the new champ, so the Royal Rumble winner Edge could challenge him at Mania for the World title.

    Easy to understand. Simple booking. Well executed. Loved it!

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