The Mark Sanchez Dating Game: Kate Upton and Others, Fact or Fiction

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterFebruary 15, 2012

The Mark Sanchez Dating Game: Kate Upton and Others, Fact or Fiction

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    New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez might not have the skills on the field, but questions about his football abilities sure haven't hurt his game with the ladies. 

    Since being drafted in the first round by the Jets in 2009, Sanchez has been linked with an ever growing bevy of beautiful women—one, seemingly more stunning than the last. 

    Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model Kate Upton is just the latest of the Sanchize's rumored conquests—rumored being the key word. Many of his relationships were just that—rumors. 

    Let's take a look at the lengthy love resume of the Sanchize and sort fact from fiction. 

Kate Upton: Fact

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    In December 2011, it was widely reported that Mark Sanchez had been spending time with the model of the moment, Kate Upton. The reports actually seemed relatively believable, in that they weren't stocked with vague, yet outlandish details. 

    They were both young, hot, successful and living in New York—it kinda made sense.

    The rumors quickly died down over the holidays but, heated up again when Upton was thrust into the national spotlight after landing the coveted SI cover. When given the opportunity to set the record straight, Upton played it coy and refused to deny the rumors. 

    Judging by her recent comments to TMZ, it seems pretty obvious these two are an item.

Kim Kardashian: Stupid, Painfully Boring Fiction

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    In January 2012, laughably stupid gossip site StarberryIceCream "reported" that Mark Sanchez was "secretly hooking up" with recently single Kim Kardashian. 

    Now, I'm no fan of Kim Kardashian, but even I was annoyed on her behalf with this absolutely ridiculous story. It's not even worth delving into the details of the "report," because they are nothing but a bunch of absurd, yet entirely uncreative lies. 

    The "report" was denied all around, but something tells me not to expect a retraction from the "source." 

Hayden Panettiere: Absolute and Almost Criminally Fictitious

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    In June 2011, Mark Sanchez and actress Hayden Panettiere were spotted leaving an In-N-Out in Laguna Hills and sports gossip website TerezOwens was quick to manufacture a "report" that the pair were dating. 

    It's actually a fair conclusion to reach considering there was no indication that the two were longstanding friends and had been spotted together in Vegas three months prior.

    The problem with the "report" was the quote from an anonymous source who insisted, "The two are exclusively seeing each other, but trying to keep it under wraps. They are really serious about making it work."

    It sure seems like they were serious about making it work—considering just days later Panettiere was revealed to be dating Jets wide receiver Scotty McKnight. The two were still an item as of late 2011. 

    It's baffling that people can make up this kind of garbage with absolutely no fear of repercussions. 

Eliza Kruger: Fact

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    In February 2011, the New York Post  reported that Mark Sanchez had "hooked up" with 17-year-old high school student Eliza Kruger. Deadspin was the first to break the story and confirm the details with Kruger herself. 

    Kruger reportedly met Sanchez at a Manhattan nightclub while she was out partying with her mother. The pair exchanged numbers and eventually went out on a date, after which Sanchize brought the teenager back to his apartment to score a touchdown. 

    Kruger not only bragged about the encounter on Facebook, she even posted pictures of the quarterback's bed. Classy.

Lindsay Mccormick: Fiction

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    The New York Post's Page Six "reported" that Mark Sanchez "has eyes for" sports reporter Lindsay McCormick in October 2010. According to one of their famous anonymous sources, Sanchez and McCormick had been friendly for a long time before they started "seeing each other." 

    The "source" pointed out that McCormick knows everyone in the football and basketball worlds and insisted she was "close" to Reggie Bush and Lamar Odom. For her part, McCormick flat out denied the story and said she was shocked by the whole thing. 

    The story essentially died the same week it was reported, but two months later at least one gossip site went the extra mile and made up an unsubstantiated tale of a dramatic breakup. 

Kristin Cavallari: Fiction

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    According to a report in the New York Daily News in early 2010, Mark Sanchez was putting the moves on Jay Cutler's baby mama, Kristin Cavallari, at a Maxim magazine party. The "report" was short on details—but apparently they left together at the end of the night. 

    The story died then and there and there were no future mentions of the two as a couple or that they were even casually dating. If they were together, it was likely just a one night stand. 

Jamie Lynn Sigler: Fact

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    It was first reported that Mark Sanchez was dating actress Jamie Lynn Sigler in late April 2010. Despite being spotted together publicly on a number of occasions, the Sanchez camp denied the pair were a couple in May—probably because he was seen out with other women as well. 

    Gossip rags "confirmed" them as a couple in June and the two "officially split" in July—Sanchez wasted no time moving on to a "mystery brunette." Solid journalism. 

    Who knows how serious or un-serious this whole thing was, but it's quite obvious that they were dating for some period of time. 

Ariana Madix: Mostly Fiction

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    In October 2009, the New York Post's Page Six "reported" that Mark Sanchez was a "flirting machine" who put the moves on Johnny Utah's bartender Ariana Madix while out celebrating his brother's birthday. 

    The pair was said to have chatted for a bit about football and exchanged numbers—but that was the last anyone heard of the story. 

Hilary Rhoda: Mostly Fiction

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    In 2009, Mark Sanchez was rumored to be dating Victoria's Secret model Hilary Rhoda. after the pair posed together for a spread in the June 2009 issue of GQ magazine. 

    Reps for both parties declined to comment on the supposed relationship, probably because there was nothing to comment on. The two may have had a casual romance after meeting at the photo shoot, but by the time the magazine hit newsstands, Rhoda was already in a relationship with Rangers agitator Sean Avery. 

    New York Magazine "reported" that Avery "stole" Rhoda from Sanchez, but there's absolutely no indication that the two were involved in anything beyond a few casual dates—they were never even photographed together in public.