Jeremy Lin: 5 Reasons Lin Should Be at Rising Stars Challenge

Bethany Horlick@Beffney12Contributor IIFebruary 15, 2012

Jeremy Lin: 5 Reasons Lin Should Be at Rising Stars Challenge

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    The current NBA Rising Stars Challenge roster does not currently feature New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin, but will he be a late addition?

    Seemingly overnight, his face is plastered across the media and is dominating conversation. The addition of his name to the All-Star Weekend events would essentially be guaranteed to take these events to the next level.

    Lin has more than shown he deserves a shot at the Challenge, and here’s why.

True Rising Star

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    Everyone loves a Cinderella Story. Lin is one of the fastest rising stars the NBA has seen. His “bench to spotlight” story has swept the world.

    Lin grew up playing ball in the same town as Stanford. Yet these local coaches didn't see the talent right across the street from them. To make things more interesting, few other schools took notice.

    However, Brown and Harvard were the exceptions and took a real interest in him. Unfortunately, Lin's career at Harvard didn't do much to impress the NBA scouts.

    He was passed up in the 2010 NBA draft and cut from two teams, finally landing in the D-league. However, he kept playing and playing hard. In what seems like an overnight move, this D-league player is now the hype of the world. Fans are even calling for an MVP award in the 2011-2012 season.

    Due to Lin's determination and fast found success; he deserves to be acknowledged. Therefore, a bid to the Rising Star Challenge is the perfect way to benchmark his accomplishments.

Fans Are Campaigning

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    Linsanity is blowing up Twitter feeds around the world. A Facebook page named “Linfluenza” is on the rise. Clearly, the fans/social networkers are “doing their part” on a mission is to get Jeremy Lin in the Challenge.

    Lin has won the support of fans across the country. The fans are speaking. They want to see their favorite players on the court, and Lin is their first choice. Commissioner David Stern needs to listen and reevaluate why he would not want to add Lin. If the point of All-Star Weekend is to boost the audience and attention for the NBA, why wouldn’t you add the biggest name in the sport currently?

    His name brings relevance and popularity to the event. His skills on the court would add a spice of excitement the All-Star Weekend needs. Linsanity is taking the NBA by storm, and not allowing Lin an appearance at the Challenge could cause a stink with linsaniacs everywhere.

Exciting to Watch

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    There is not an NBA fan that isn’t talking about Lin’s Valentine’s Day game-winning shot against the Toronto Raptors. Draining a three-pointer in the last 0.5 seconds of the game, Lin’s proving he has the excitement factor fans love.

    Lin has proven he can get the win. However, Lin can get the win with style and excitement around each shot. The buzzer win is only the icing on the cake. Many of his plays have made it to top play of the day. Fans have watched them again and again. The hype that surrounds Linsanity makes every dribble, jump and shot from Lin watch worthy. Lin takes every play to the next level.

    Sports nation is waiting to see what Lin does. He is bringing excitement back to basketball.

Career Worthy of Bid

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    Lin's young career already has more than enough clout to earn him a bid to the Challenge.

    He was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for games through February 12. Scoring 20-plus points in five straight games, Lin led the Knicks to victory in all of them. In his first four starts, he became the first NBA player to have at least 20 points with seven assists. Lin is continuing to fuel the wins in New York, bumping the win streak to six. And if I forgot to mention, Lin was able to land wins without the assistance of fellow Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire.

    Lin excited fans in an all-out scoring match with the L.A. Lakers. He outshone NBA superstar and Laker Kobe Bryant. Lin posted 38 points against Bryant.

    He shook the house with the buzzer-winning shot against Toronto and dunked on Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, who was selected to the Challenge.

    He has shown a career that is truly watch worthy in such a short time.

Won't Get Another Chance

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    The Rising Stars Challenge only features rookies and second-year players, and Lin is in his second year. He won't get another chance.

    Stern needs to let this kid get what he has earned.