Linsanity Goes International: Knicks Win in Toronto

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Linsanity Goes International: Knicks Win in Toronto
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You can't make this stuff up. Jeremy Lin has continued his brilliant play north of the border, dropping 27 points and 11 assists. 

Utterly unbelievable. Lin has gone where no man has gone before, scoring more points in his first five career games than the likes of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Shaquille O'Neal

He continues to take the world by storm and impress with his skills, hustle and heart. 

Amare Stoudemire returned to the Knicks tonight and hopefully silenced some of the doubters who said Lin would not be able to play with the superstars. After not playing for nearly a week, and surely worn out emotionally, STAT had 21 points and nine rebounds. Tyson Chandler also had a pretty good game, with 13 points and nine rebounds, despite being in foul trouble early on. 

The next test, if you will, is the return of Carmelo Anthony later this week. Sure, Melo is more of a pure scorer and he usually needs the ball to be successful, but I think they can easily coexist. 

Melo has won a national title in college, a gold medal in the Olympics and he has played in different systems, adapting and thriving in each. 

He definitely likes to have the ball, but he won't hurt the team. The only reason Melo was hogging the ball this season is because he thought he had to. He was running the point forward, and he was asked to do far too much. Now, with Lin, the weight is lifted off Melo's shoulders. He doesn't need to run the court and bring the ball up. Everyone's game will be better. 

If you still doubt Lin, you are just a hater. He has proven himself for six straight games. What else do you want? 

Move over, Tim Tebow; there's a new (and better) phenomenon. 

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