TNA: Why A.J. Styles Is the Face of Impact Wrestling

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IFebruary 14, 2012


Since it's inception in 2002, TNA has always had one superstar who has bled, who has sweat and who has always given 110% to try and make TNA a phenomenon in professional wrestling, and that superstar is A.J. Styles.

There are few TNA superstars that have made as much of an impact that Styles has made in the 10 years he has been with the company and there are few that will be there for TNA through thick and thin, like Styles will be.

There are a lot of wrestling fans that thought that Styles, because of his size, would never make much of a mark in TNA. But Styles has proven all of those fans wrong, on more occasions than not. His tremendous abilities in the ring, as well as his aerial prowess, have established him as a main event talent and he has wowed TNA fans with his wrestling skills throughout his career with the company.

Those same wrestling fans would argue that other TNA superstars such as Kurt Angle, Sting and Jeff Hardy are the more qualified representatives of the promotion because of their tremendous accolades and accomplishments in professional wrestling, as well as TNA.

But Styles, unlike those other TNA superstars, started with the company and will most likely finish his illustrious career with TNA when he retires. A.J. Styles is a TNA man, always has been and always will be, no question.

If wrestling pundits want to weigh his championship accomplishments in TNA against his ability to be a “bankable” superstar in the company, then they are treading on very thin ice.

Styles is a four-time NWA / TNA World Champion, a six-time X-Division Champion, a five-time NWA / TNA World Tag Team Champion, the first TNA Grand Slam, Triple Crown and X-Division Champion and the list of championship accomplishments goes on.  He has established himself in TNA and really has nothing to prove to those same wrestling pundits.

Putting aside the championship accolades that Styles has amassed in his 10-year career in TNA, there is one thing Styles has that very, very few TNA superstars have.

That thing is passion.

Styles bleeds TNA, and he embodies it every time he sets foot inside a TNA ring, whether he's competing in an extreme X-Division Match or vying for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. A.J. Styles will continue to put his body and his soul on the line for the promotion that he cares about so deeply.

The wrestling fans, and pundits can say what they want about A.J. Styles, but there is no question that in the short time he has been with TNA, he has accomplished more than most superstars in the company will accomplish in their entire career. Styles will continue to impress his fans and he will continue to prove the wrestling pundits wrong.

Styles’ career in TNA is just getting started, and he will no doubt go down in history as the greatest TNA superstar of all time, and the face of TNA Impact Wrestling for decades to come.