Rock Bottom: Was This the Worst WWE Raw Ever?

Ethan NemkovichContributor IIFebruary 14, 2012

Oh my, where do we start?  I wouldn't be writing this if I weren't a WWE fan and found the show extremely disconcerting.

Let's start off with the Elimination Chamber round table.  The heels, whether it be Chris Jerhico, Dolph Ziggler or The Miz are all interchangeable in their one heel quality, excessive arrogance.  What I saw was a gathering of mid-carders the likes of which we have never seen in an elimination chamber match in quite some time.  

The one true statement gathered out of the round table was from Kofi Kingston saying he was overlooked, and that is because he, like the others, is a mid-carder.  I will go streaking on in February on Youtube if he actually wins this match.  

R-Truth is becoming a mockery of the potential he showed as a heel, and I do not like the direction that corporate is taking with his character.

The show had a great chance to redeem itself with the Shawn Michaels segment, but that totally blew a flat tire.  From a WWE perspective, if I wanted to see a couple past their prime talk wrestling excessively in the middle of the ring for fifteen minutes, I'll pull up a TNA broadcast of TNA from last spring (They've been better lately).  

The show would have been much better with HHH talking off his shirt, him and Michaels giving the Dead Man a "Suck It" and him coming down to the ring.  Instead we got Hunter looking lame and a ridiculous repeat of last week's 'Taker video.

First off, let me say the scene with John Cena kissing Eve was about as comfortable as getting a colonoscopy in the middle of Times Square.  

In wrestling you can recycle an angle every few years or so, but right now we have both Zach Ryder AND AJ in neck braces?  If there were a one-one, I might pick AJ. They have taken one of their most marketable assets and made him look pathetic.  

Frankly, I came out finding Ryder, Eve & Cena all unlikable and am hoping Kane destroys all three.