Kate Upton Rumored to Be Making Mark Sanchez the Luckiest Man in World

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 14, 2012

Photo Credit: Models.com
Photo Credit: Models.com

The jury may still be out on Mark Sanchez as an elite quarterback, and football fans may be split on whether they even like the guy all that much. That doesn't mean it wouldn't be awesome just to be this guy one day. 

It's Valentine's Day, which means millions of men are scrambling to find the last bunch of roses not already pilfered from their flower shops. 

It also means the biggest and brightest stars in sport are taking their lovely ladies out on the town. The question still looms as to whether Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez is going to squire anyone on the town Tuesday night, and if so, who it would be. 

The latest rumor is one that I hope is true purely for the sake of Sanchez. 

The New York Post's Page Six issues that the two are a rumored pair, and that is all I need to feel a wave of jealousy wash over me for a brief second. 

Forget the late-season flameout by the Jets or the famed dust-up with Santonio Holmes. Kate Upton will cure any and all ills that he might be feeling on any matter. 

This is a beautiful lady who just won the cover of the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. If you need proof of her stunning beauty, you can walk past any newsstand right now or Google her name and find yourself lost for a few moments. 

That is not all. 

Upton happens to be a silly entertainer that doesn't mind letting loose and having a good time. We have all seen the dougie video where she dances at a basketball game. 

She has also featured in a Tosh.O skit that proves she has a great funny bone. Forget hot, I want my woman to bring the funny, or at the very least, be able to enjoy the funny. 

Upton is more than just some stuck-up model. She is a fun and vivacious personality that realizes she is living the sweet life and is going to dive in and savor every last bit of it. 

That sounds like the kind of woman that could assuage the ills facing the Jets quarterback. That is, if these rumors prove true. 

If they are, Sanchez better have a sweet V-Day planned, because she is more than worth it.