NBA Conspiracy Theory: Celtics, Lakers Back on Top

David JensenCorrespondent IFebruary 22, 2008

Is it just a coincidence that the Lakers and Celtics are back on top of the conference charts, or has there been some collusion going on?

Trades involving, directly or indirectly, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, Mitch Kupchak and Jerry West have vaulted their alma-matters back to the Chamelot days.

Don't get me wrong—whether it's just vain imaginings or there's truth in it, I'm all for it!

I grew up in the Chamelot days of Bird vs. Magic. Basketball was never the same before or after, and the league sure could use it.

Memphis (Jerry West) basically giving Pau Gasol to the Lakers (Mitch) for a cheerleader and an autographed Kobe Bryant jock strap. Kevin McHale and Danny Ainge bringing the Big Ticket to Boston. I don't know? It may not be the Book Depository and the grassy knoll, but definitely food for thought.

That being said, arn't we all happy that "It's On" again. Lakers vs. Celtics—it's Fantastik!!! 

What you say?