Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs: 4 Predictions for the Theo Compensation Saga

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2012

Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs: 4 Predictions for the Theo Compensation Saga

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    The Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox were not able to agree to a compensation deal for Theo Epstein. Now the two sides have submitted written arguments to Bud Selig to try to reach an agreement on compensation.

    Boston is hoping to get a good prospect in return for Epstein, but a number of their requests have been rebuffed by the Cubs. The two sides have not been able to solve this issue by themselves, so now it is up to Selig to figure out what fair compensation is.

It Will Be Resolved by Opening Day

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    There has not been much traction in the talks between the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox when it comes to the Theo Epstein compensation, but that could all change very quickly.

    Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has noted that the issue could be resolved by the end of this week. Even if that is not the case, it should be solved before Opening Day.

The Boston Red Sox Will Get a Significant Player

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    Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has noted that the Boston Red Sox should be getting a "significant" player in return for Epstein.

    The problem here is what exactly significant means. It could be a top prospect or it could be someone who has already contributed at the major league level for the Chicago Cubs.

Boston's New Player Will Make an Impact in 2012

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    The Boston Red Sox will likely try to target a player that could help them out in 2012. They are a team that is a playoff contender, but they do have some holes that they would like to fill.

    Whoever the Red Sox get from the Chicago Cubs will likely not put them over the edge, but the player will certainly be one that can make an impact for the Red Sox this season.

Trey McNutt Will Go to the Boston Red Sox

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    Before Theo Epstein officially joined the Chicago Cubs, Trey McNutt was one of the players that was rumored to potentially be the compensation that the Boston Red Sox would get.

    Nick Cafardo has mentioned him as a possible option, and he thinks that McNutt is fair compensation. McNutt still needs some more minor league seasoning, but he could be an important part of the Red Sox's rotation by the time they enter the stretch run.