Manchester United News: Cristiano Ronaldo Won't Be Pointed At

Clement AndreauCorrespondent IJune 13, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo decided to press charges to the UEFA court, for being followed by a laser pointer during last Wednesday's Champion's League game against Lyon.

The Portuguese player claims he was pointed at while warming up and during the entire first half. Lyon's staff hasn't reacted yet, but if the UEFA decision goes against them, the Olympique Lyonnais will have to pay the fine.

Ronaldo said the laser was pointed at his eyes, which, on top of bothering him, can damage his sight. I hope that's not the reason why he did not score during the game.

Last sunday, France's "classico" game between Olympique de Marseille and Paris SG also had some issues with some Marseille supporters pointing at Paris players with a green laser.

I thought this technology was kind of old, but apparently French football fans just discovered it.

I know Man. U fans wont be that dumb during the return game. This time, Cristiano's real reason for not scoring should be due to Boumsong and Squilacci's defensive talents, like it was during the second half of Wednesday's game.

(To see the video of Ronaldo pointed by the laser check out my media center.)