Buffalo Bills: Why Fred Jackson Cannot Become Another Casualty

Greg Maiola@Gom1094Senior Analyst IIFebruary 14, 2012

Fred Jackson
Fred Jackson

Poor Buffalo.

The players that were supposed to be stars have been busts in a Bills uniform. However, the middle-of-the-pack players have left Buffalo and starred on other squads, leaving coaches scratching their heads.

If the Bills do not sign Fred Jackson to the contract that he so much deserves, this may be another decision that will backfire on Buffalo.

Congratulations, Buffalo. Aaron Maybin has been the player you envisioned him to be when he was drafted No. 11 overall in 2011. The only problem is that he was sacking your quarterback in 2011.

How could they give up on him so early? Yes, he is undersized, but they knew that when they drafted him. Maybin is thriving as a situational pass-rusher as a New York Jet and Rex Ryan is loving every minute of it.

Donte Whitner, another first-round pick, was within a game of the Super Bowl in 2011. He is finally becoming the tough and physical player Buffalo hoped he would be.

Same thing with Paul Posluszny in Jacksonville. Posluszny was injury prone, but a solid linebacker for Buffalo.

Antoine Winfield has made three Pro Bowls with the Minnesota Vikings since his days as a Bill. Buffalo hasn't found a capable cornerback since.

This is a shout-out to the Bills scouts: You were correct. Your draft picks have succeeded in the NFL. Now the Bills must have one of their own succeed in their franchise before it's too late.

The undrafted Fred Jackson wants to be a Buffalo Bill. He led 2011 in rushing at the the time he was injured and was considered a legitimate MVP candidate. He was voted a team captain and is adored by Bills nation.

Are the Bills seriously considering letting Jackson walk next year because they drafted CJ Spiller in he first round in the 2010 NFL draft?

The Bills need Jackson as much as Jackson needs the Bills. He wants to reward the franchise for taking a chance on him. While there is plenty of time for Buffalo to make a move, is it time for Bills fans to get nervous?

Fred Jackson is in the prime of his career and if he can hurt other teams, he can most certainly kill Buffalo if he signed with another franchise. He is a quality running back and the Bills know it.

History tells us that Fred Jackson can hurt the Bills if he isn't re-signed. Jackson just wants to be a Bill and deserves a new contract. He is a hard worker with extreme talent and leadership.

If the Bills let him walk, he will be another player with a great life after the Bills.