WWE Love Triangle: Why Men Hate John Cena and Why He Must Turn Heel

Evan FeinCorrespondent IIFebruary 14, 2012

Face of a Traitor
Face of a TraitorJ. Meric/Getty Images

A few weeks ago I wrote an article detailing why John Cena is not a role model to children. The responses were mostly positively, with a few people being unable to tell the difference between the character and the real person.

But last night's Raw proved what I had been saying all along: The John Cena character is a phony and a hypocrite.

The Rock, put it best in his YouTube response to Cena's putdown during the Australia tour. It was a long response, but it can be summed up in one sentence, "men can see through phoniness."

It's become an emerging pattern of the Cena character over the years. If challenged by a second or third tier performer, he will fight back vigorously and defend his honor. He's made fun of Vickie Guerrero's weight, he's AA'd Todd Grisham and last night he almost punched a crippled Zack Ryder in the face after hooking up with his girlfriend. That last action was a major violation of the "loyalty" aspect of Cena's code.

When confronted by a top wrestler like The Rock, Shawn Michaels or Randy Orton, Cena will just suck up and try desperately to win their approval. Meanwhile he gets in front of the fans and says that he doesn't care if he's cheered or booed, but practically begs them to cheer. It's an act that's gone on for years and is getting tiring.

The recent storyline with Kane has shaken things up by exposing superman.The cartoonish superhero has been replaced by a guy whose serious character flaws are visible to the world. The only thing left to do is to finally go over the edge and become a heel.

He doesn't have to be a viscous monster heel, but he has to stop pretending to be the good guy. He could even be a heel that follows the rules, doesn't cheat in matches and insists he should be cheered for it.

Make no mistake about it, a heel turn would be good for Cena's legacy. In the 21st century, wrestlers get over by relating to people in a human way. The current John Cena character is impossible to relate to.

With WWE moving away from PG and back towards the edginess we saw in the Attitude Era, the face of the company has to finally make that change. It would actually send a positive message to his young fans: be who you are, but remember that the world isn't always black and white.

I don't see Cena turning heel as part of a major swerve. I don't think John Laurinaitis will help him win at WrestleMania. I think The Rock will soundly defeat him in an epic bout, giving Rock his first main event win and sending the Miami crowd home happy.

The next night, The Rock can offer Cena a handshake and then give him a Rockbottom. Cena will be outraged that no matter what happens, he will always be booed when pitted against The Great One.

Then he'll make the full transition by destroying Zack Ryder at Extreme Rules. A rematch between Cena and Rock can take place later on, with a heel Cena making Rock tap out to the STF.

I know there has been many articles about a Cena heel turn in the past, but yesterday was the point of no return. Cena broke the "bro-code" that men hold dear. Ryder will not be the one to turn heel. After Cena kissed Eve, Ryder will look justified in anything he does to his backstabbing friend.

Cena is going heel, it's just a matter of when.