Andy Pettitte Inexplicably Rejects New York Yankees' Offer

JerseySenior Analyst IJanuary 5, 2009

Well, it's been rumored for a while, but it appears somewhat official now: Andy Pettitte has rejected the Yankees' $10 million offer.


Andy Pettitte is not worth 10 million bucks. Not close. He's old and bad, and he's had injury trouble. He was recently mentioned in the Mitchell Report. But because he's a fan favorite, and because he plays for a spend-happy team, he gets special treatment and is able to receive such an outlandish offer.

And he's rejecting it.

I'm stunned. How greedy can you get?

The Yankees can get Ben Sheets, a better and younger pitcher, for similar money. They can get Derek Lowe without spending much more. They can snatch Oliver Perez from the Mets as well. They really don't need Andy Pettitte. Does he honestly think they're THAT desperate to sign him?

It Is High posted an open letter to Pettitte beseeching his return, and at first, I agreed wholeheartedly. Who better to open the new Yankee Stadium than Andy Pettitte? But after this stunt, I really don't care. Legend or not, this isn't worth it.

He was in a scandal not long ago, and now he's showing his greedy side. He was only going to come back because of his history, but seriously, this is ludicrous. He's really just not worth it.