NFL Draft 2012 : 4 Reasons the Denver Broncos Can't Pass on a Quarterback

Bethany Horlick@Beffney12Contributor IIFebruary 14, 2012

NFL Draft 2012 : 4 Reasons the Denver Broncos Can't Pass on a Quarterback

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    The Denver Broncos have a big spot to fill in this year's draft. Starting quarterback Tim Tebow has no sidekick. As the only QB on the active roster, Tebow has no one to challenge him. Also, he has no one to back him up.

    Going into the 2012 season without another quarterback who could lead the team would be a huge oversight by the franchise. It's time to finally select an understudy for Tebow.

    Here is a quick look at why.

Back Up

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    Every leader needs an understudy. Tebow is no exception. Even though it seems like he's unstoppable, at some point or another, something will bring him down.

    Sickness. Injury. Poor performance.

    Not having a back-up for Tebow, a polarizing superstar on the field, seems absurd. Tebow wears a bull’s eye on his back every time he takes the field.  The Broncos need to find a solid quarterback who does not require much attention or training, and can step in for Tebow.


Fill in

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    Tebow will be spending spring camp trying to improve his game. Should his hard work pay off, a better Tebow could take the field in 2012. However, Denver needs to be realistic.

    He still won't be the traditional-style quarterback the Broncos want or need. While it won't be easy to find another quarterback to draft with as much dedication or leadership qualities, they need to select a quarterback who can fill in the holes.

    Denver needs to bring in someone who can consistently make all the throws. Another quarterback who can be more reliable through the air will relieve pressure on the receivers and the running game.

Fans Want Wins

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    It's tempting to use a QB who is so hot he pulls in spectators and media attention. But, eventually, the honeymoon phase ends. Fans will lose interest in watching if you aren't consistently winning.

    Tebow is a winner, true. He will always look to get the win, true. However, that doesn't always equal a win on the field. Denver has to start looking at the logistics. An 8-8 regular-season record isn't going to keep fans around forever.

    The Broncos need to snag a quarterback who is going to get wins and a keep fans in their chairs.

Franchise Quarterback

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    The term “franchise quarterback” has been thrown around in many discussions about the Broncos. While many feel that Tebow has the ability to improve, they don't think he will be that guy.

    The Broncos are under direction of John Elway, who knows a thing or two about franchise quarterbacks. He has been slow to jump on the Tebow bandwagon. The Broncos eventually has to come out from under Tebowmania and stand on their own two feet.

    Drafting another quarterback will allow the rookie to learn from Tebow about leadership and determination, but play a style more fitting of a Broncos franchise player.