Washington Redskins: The Quarterback Dilemma, Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin?

Vandie BarnardContributor IIIFebruary 16, 2012

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 26:  Robert Griffin III #10 of the Baylor Bears passes against the Texas Tech Red Raiders at Cowboys Stadium on November 26, 2011 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins enter the 2012 offseason with plenty of tough decisions to make. The main question lies at quarterback. I think we can all come to agreement that Rex Grossman and John Beck are not the future of the team. There are plenty of scenarios that could play out in terms of who the Redskins starter will be on opening day of next season. However, there are two options that are most probable in the Nation's Capital: Signing Peyton Manning or drafting Robert Griffin III.  

Option 1:

In the next couple of weeks, football fans will know the fate of Peyton Manning. Most expect Manning and the Indianapolis Colts to part ways. If Manning hits the market, the Skins could take a look at signing him. The issue lies in Peyton's health. Does he have the same velocity as before? Is he the same Peyton Manning pre-neck surgery?


If Peyton is healthy, is it the best fit for the Skins to sign him? The main concern is if Peyton can play at a high level again just for a few more years. If the Skins acquire a healthy No. 18, then the Skins get an upgrade in the game's most important position.

However, Redskins fans have seen this story over and over again: Spend big money on the top free agent. Is it in the best interest of the team to sign Peyton for just a few years? A healthy Peyton is only a temporary solution.


If the Redskins sign Peyton, they would not have to possibly trade draft picks for RG III. Instead, they could use their eight picks in the 2012 draft on acquiring more talent. The team could use a later pick in the draft on a QB who could sit and learn for a few years, or draft a QB in subsequent drafts.


Option 2:

The Redskins sign Robert Griffin III in this year's draft. It has been decades since the Redskins have had anything that resembles a franchise quarterback. The quarterback is the catalyst for any team, and the most important position in all of sports. If there is a chance to draft your future, take it to ensure you have one.


The Redskins would potentially have to trade picks to draft Griffin, with the possibility of the Browns taking him at No. 4, or the Dolphins trading up to acquire Griffin. Some also point to the fact that his size will be an issue because he likes to use his legs.


The opportunity to get a franchise quarterback does not come along often. RG III is a great prospect and the Skins have to pull the trigger on drafting him. In today's NFL, a good quarterback is necessary to win, and the Skins' roster lacks a good QB. There could be a chance that Griffin could fall to the Skins with the sixth pick. This might arise if the Browns decide to draft somebody else (Trent Richardson), and the Dolphins address their QB needs in free agency (Matt Flynn).

The Redskins face a tough decision this offseason. Their main need, QB, could be addressed for the next decade on, or a quick fix solution for the next couple years. They could be in the same spot that they're in now. What do you think the Redskins should do to address their quarterback need this offseason?