5 NFL Coaches Who Need to Win Now Before They're out of Chances

Steven YangCorrespondent IFebruary 14, 2012

5 NFL Coaches Who Need to Win Now Before They're out of Chances

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    The NFL is a tough place to be for anyone, including players, staff and coaches.  In a game where winning is the main and sometimes only objective, responsibility and pressure are multiplied for each individual.

    If a player does not make a catch or loses the ball one too many times, it could mean the end of their career for that team. Each mistake is compounded with every higher level of football starting from high school to college and on to the professionals. 

    In reality, the owners are making their profits from the players on the field.  Unfortunately, what that means is when a team is losing, the coach is typically the first to go.  Whether it is fair or not, it is reality. 

    Here is a list of five coaches who are on the hot seat this upcoming NFL season. 

5. Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles

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    Who would have ever thought Andy Reid would end up “having” to win to keep his job? 

    Reid has been coach of the Philadelphia Eagles since 1999, and since 2001 he has also been the team's executive vice president of football operations.

    During his tenure, Reid compiled the best win total (120), winning percentage (.609) and playoff victory total (10) in team history. He captured six division titles and five trips to the NFC Championship Game.

    Since he was hired in 1999, no other franchise has earned more divisional playoff round appearances (seven), and only Bill Belichick's New England Patriots have matched Philadelphia in conference championship game appearances (five).

    Unfortunately, for as great of a tenure Reid has had with the Philadelphia Eagles, it is no cakewalk in the city of brotherly love.  The fans are known for being vicious and having no patience with a lack of winning. 

    The Eagles recently picked up some big-name players such as Michael Vick and Nnamdi Asomugha but failed to make the playoffs.  Granted this is what most reasonable analysts projected due to the fact that this was their first year playing together along with a shortened preseason. 

    However, Vince Young dubbed the Eagles the “Dream Team” of the NFL, creating unnecessary hype for them.  This put a huge amount of pressure on them to either make the Super Bowl or be considered wastes of money.  But at the end of the season, the Eagles offense was ranked top 10 in both rushing and passing.  Their defense was also ranked No. 10 and 16 against the pass and rush respectively. 

    This team has a tremendous amount of talent, and unfortunately for coach Andy Reid, if it does not start making some serious runs to and in the playoffs, his job may be at risk.  This is too much money for management to be spending on players to see them fail in consecutive years.  

4. Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks

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    Pete Carroll has actually done a fairly decent job with the Seattle Seahawks in his career as head coach.  However, if he cannot show he has a plan for extensive upgrades to the team's win total, the Seahawks will likely send him off. 

    Seattle has an up-and-coming star in Marshawn Lynch at running back.  Unfortunately, that is about the only bright spot on that entire team really.  There is no clear franchise quarterback and the receivers are all subpar in terms of effectiveness and performance.

    However, one highlight is the defense, which ranked in the top half against both the rush and pass. 

    Carroll will need to show the fans and management that he is there to bring this franchise back to the Super Bowl.  He will need to find a suitable quarterback other than Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst. 

    Especially being in a pretty weak division (aside from San Francisco), big things are going to be expected out of this team either now or sometime in the very near future.  All the pressure is going to be on Carroll if he wants to keep his job in the pro’s.  

3. Rex Ryan, New York Jets

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    Is anybody sick of this guy yet?

    It looks like most of the fans and media are starting to get over the Rex Ryan rants.  Over the past few years we have seen coach Ryan make Super Bowl victory promises only to see his team either falter in the playoffs or not even make them altogether. 

    The New York Jets are a high-profile team and if promises for a Super Bowl are stated, the fans and management are going to expect it. 

    Unfortunately for Ryan, all his talk has led him to a giant zero next to his name and Super Bowl rings. 

    Quarterback Mark Sanchez is not making his chances of keeping his job any easier either.  Sanchez has been criticized for being the reason for the lack of wins, but Ryan admirably stood by his quarterback and kept him as starter. 

    Understandably, the fans have something to be angry about considering both the rushing and passing offenses are ranked 22 and 21 respectively. 

    If there was one thing that Ryan did something special with, it was the Jets defense.  The Jets pass defense was ranked fifth in the league while the rush defense ranked 13 overall. 

    If Ryan does not make it to or win the Super Bowl this year, look for his job to be up for grabs.  If it is not, it will surely come soon if his coaching record continues on this path.  

2. Jason Garrett, Dallas Cowboys

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    Coach Jason Garrett is in a tough spot right now.  He is coaching a team with talent that rivals some of the elite teams in the league.  However, he has no big wins in the playoffs to show for it. 

    Unfortunately for him, quarterback Tony Romo is one of the most inconsistent players leading an offense.  Fans and coaches have seen Romo garner a quarterback rating as high as 148.4 one week to a lowly 39.6 another.  To say that people have found a pattern to his play would be a lie. 

    This is tough for Garrett because it looks like Romo is the starter and rightly so due to the lack of talent at quarterback available to them. 

    However, the Cowboys are ranked in the top 10 for both rushing defense and passing yards on offense.  The passing defense and rushing offense are the weakest parts of the team but nothing that is impossible to fix. 

    Owner Jerry Jones has been patient considering how much money the Cowboys spend for such few wins (in recent times). 

    Garrett is going to have to get some big wins this season or else his job might be up for grabs.  

1. Norv Turner, San Diego Chargers

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    Norv Turner is the head coach for the San Diego Chargers and unfortunately had a very poor (for Chargers' standards) regular season.  They finished 8-8, just missing out on the playoffs largely in part, but not limited to, their loss to the Denver Broncos. 

    They had the No. 20-ranked rushing defense and No. 13 pass defense.  The rushing attack on offense was also fairly average at a ranking of 16 in the league, though they had a bright spot with their passing attack being ranked No. 6 in the league. 

    However, this past season had its fair share of disappointments to every success.  For example, although Philip Rivers managed to develop a top-10 passing offense, gain 4,624 yards passing and finish with 27 touchdown passes, he still threw a whopping 20 interceptions. 

    Watching some of the Chargers games late in the fourth, it was clear the team did not have the focus and discipline to finish out a game correctly.  Plays were not being called in on time and the entire offense looked weak.  The numbers are almost misleading to how much chaos followed the Chargers offense. 

    Unfortunately for Turner, with all the talent and resources this team has given him, this is a make-or-break year.  Turner coached a team with playoff talent and ended up at .500 in a fairly average division.