WWE Fantasy: Raw 2/13/12

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WWE Fantasy: Raw 2/13/12

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    Hey folks, and welcome to Monday Night Raw!

    This show is done by Will One and I, as a way to show what we want to happen in WWE. To take a look at the past episodes, please checkout Will Owen's and my homepage.

    Tonight's episode is a special three-hour edition, with a guest appearance by none other than Bret "The Hitman" Hart.

    Please leave a comment at the end of the show with any questions, suggestions and/or criticism. Also, please leave a rating out of 10 (1 being the worst and 10 being the best) as this is a competition of SmackDown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen and myself). 

    Now on to the show.

    The intro rolls and we are all ready for Monday Night Raw!

Opening Segment

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    Coming out to start the show, is none other than the Hall of Famer Bret "The Hitman" Hart! He gets in the ring and grabs microphone.

    Bret: When I was part of the WWE, I changed the face of WWE when I was part of The Hart Foundation. Alongside Jim Neidhart, I captured tag team gold and we are still acknowledged as one of the best tag teams in history. However, my time has passed and I have willingly passed the torch to two of the best wrestlers the WWE has to offer. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, The Hart Dynasty.

    The two men comes down to the ring and Tyson takes the microphone from Bret Hart.

    Tyson: As the last graduate of the Hart Dynasty, I take it upon myself to follow in your footsteps Bret. When you said you were the best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be, you were telling the truth. It is truly an honor to be in the same ring with you. In tonight's match for the World Tag Championships, DH Smith and I will prove to you that by passing the torch, you are making the right decision. 


    Jerry Lawler: May I have your attention please, I have received an email from the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

    Raw GM: As you very well now, you will be in a tag team turmoil match tonight for the World Tag Team Titles. It will be Epico and Primo vs. The Hart Dynasty vs. Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo vs. a mystery tag team. However, you don't need to wait to find out who the final tag team will be because that match is up next!

    Tyson and David Hart are a bit upset as they weren't prepared to fight, but nonetheless they stay in the ring and get ready for the match.

Match #1: Tag Team Turmoil Match for the World Tag Team Championships

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    Tonight's Tag Team Turmoil Match will follow the concept of the match that took place at 2010's Night of Champions: Two teams start out and after one is eliminated, a new tag team will replace. The winners will be crowned the new World Tag Team Champions! 

    Tyson and David Hart are already in the ring as Epico and Primo come out next to a pretty mixed reaction. Kidd and Primo start out in the ring. The bell sounds and the match is underway.

    Primo goes right after Tyson, hitting a running dropkick that sends Kidd crashing hard to the mat. When Tyson gets up, Primo hits a leg sweep that sends Kidd straight back down to the mat. Colon then goes to the top rope. Tyson is still down as Primo jumps off the turnbuckle and nails a flying head butt. He makes the pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Colon gets up and tags in Epico, who goes right after Tyson. When Kidd gets up, Epico connects with a hurricanrana, tossing Tyson to the outside. He then goes for a somersault plancha, but Tyson dives out of the way! Epico nails his lower back hard on the ground. Kidd pulls Epico to his feet, before tossing him right into the barricade. Primo tries to help is partner out, but is taken down by a clothesline from DH Smith. Kidd drags his opponent into the ring and makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Tyson becomes visibly frustrated. He brings Epico into the corner and tags in DH Smith. Kidd then holds Epico down as David nails a few kicks. Epico falls to the mat in pain. Hart then picks Epico up and hits a sidewalk slam. Primo has seen enough and tries interfering. However, he is intercepted by Tyson, who connects with a running cross body. When Epico gets up, DH Smith hits his patented vertical suplex, followed by a cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Smith is shocked, but continues his offense. He picks Epico up and nails a sidewalk slam. Seeing that the match is nearly over, he makes the tag to Tyson. Together, they nail the Hart Attack! Tyson makes the cover. 1...2....3!!!!


    Tyson and David don't celebrate for long as both Rotundo and Harris run towards the ring. Tyson starts outing the ring along with Rotundo. 

    Bo immediately begins to beat down on Tyson. Rotundo nails a huge clothesline on Kidd, followed up with a  big boot. Tyson is able to pull himself up, but is sent straight back to the mat with a Russian Leg Sweep. Bo makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

Match #1: Tag Team Turmoil Match for the World Tag Team Championships (Part 2)

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    Rotundo works quickly, picking Kidd up over his head and nailing an electric chair drop. He makes another pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Bo seems to contemplate going back on the attack, but instead differs to tag in his partner. Husky goes right after the grounded Tyson, hitting a standing elbow drop. Kidd is able to get up near the corner, and Harris goes for a corner splash. However, Tyson is able to dive out of the way! Husky smacks hard into the turnbuckle before crashing to the canvas. Seeing the opportunity, Kidd gets on the apron. When Harris gets to his feet, Tyson hits him with the Code Blue! He makes the cover. 1...2...Rotundo breaks up the count!

    Bo begins pounding on Kidd with punches and kicks. Smith tries stopping him with a clothesline, but Rotundo reverses him into a back body drop. David rolls out of the ring, and Bo follows after him in pursuit. Meanwhile, Kidd and Harris are both down. Husky is able to get up first and goes for Uranage. However, Kidd elbows his way out of it. Tyson then follows it up with a spinning wheel kick. With his opponent down, Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter. Husky tries to reach the ropes. He is just inches away, but Kidd pulls him back into the middle of the ring. Harris has no hope and eventually taps out!


    Kidd and Hart seem to be too tired to go on, but have no choice. Suddenly a countdown appears on the titantron. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...It's the Dudley Boyz!!

    Kidd and Hart are shocked. Brother Ray runs into the ring and nails a bionic elbow. Tyson tries to fight back with a few punches of his own, but Ray blocks them and connects with a clothesline. When Kidd gets back up, Brother Ray connects with a release german suplex. Ray then goes for a power bomb, but Kidd reverses it into a Frankensteiner. Finally able to incorporate some offense, Tyson hits a kick to the gut followed up with a front drop kick. Kidd makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

Match #1: Tag Team Turmoil Match for the World Tag Team Champions (Part 3)

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    DH Smith is begging to be tagged in and Tyson obliges. Hart goes straight on the offense, nailing a double leg slam. Smith then goes for a vertical suplex, but Ray is able to punch his way out of it. Brother Ray then connects with a Samoan Drop. Ray then makes the tag to his partner. D-Von picks Smith up over his head and hits a powerslam followed by a pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Brother D-Von then goes for a running senton and hits it. Smith is hopeless as D-Von waits for him to stand. When Hart gets up, Brother D-Von hits Saving Grace and makes another cover. 1...2...Tyson breaks it up!

    Ray immediately runs into the ring. Kidd tries hitting him with a clothesline, but Brother Ray ducks and hits a Bubba Bomb. With Tyson knocked out, the two men double-team Smith. Together then connect with a Dudley Death Drop! D-Von makes the pin. 1...2...3!!!!


    Brother Ray and Brother D-Von celebrate a huge victory with their new tag team belts! Meanwhile, both Tyson and Smith are still unconscious in the ring.

Promo #1: Wade Barrett Segment

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    Wade Barrett is in the ring alongside the rest of The Empire Alliance.

    Wade: I am out here to make an open challenge. Any wrestler in the back who wants a shot at me can have it. Thi--

    Sheamus' music hits and he comes down to the ring with a mic.

    Sheamus: Listen fella', I haven't come out here because I want to fight you know. I want to face you on a much bigger stage. I want to go one on one with you on the Grandest Stage on Em' All. I want it to be Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus at WrestleMania!

    Wade: I don't think so Sheamus. You don't deserve to face me at Mania'. I want a challenge at WrestleMania, and you are certainly not challenging. 

    Sheamus: Classic Wade Barrett! You come out here and make an open challenge, but then you decide to run and hide from me. I will face you Barrett, it is just a matter of when and where.

    Seth Rollins music then goes off and he comes out with a microphone.

    Seth: Please, can you two just shut up already. All you guys do is talk. You see, I won the Royal Rumble and backed up everything I have said. I can't even remember the last time either of you even won a match. That brings me to the real reason I'm out here. Barrett, you came out here and made an open challenge. I'm out here to tell you that I have accepted your challenge.

    Wade: Ha! You think you can beat me! You are nothing more than a rookie and your Royal Rumble win was a fluke. I am about to expose you for what you are: A failure!

Match #2: Wade Barrett vs. Seth Rollins

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    Sheamus heads to the back, while the other members of the Empire Alliance head to ringside. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins.

    Seth goes right to offense, hitting a dropkick on Wade. When Barrett gets to his feet, Rollins connects with belly to back complete shot, sending Wade's face straight into the canvas. Barrett is able to pull himself back up, but Seth connects with a swinging enzugiri. He makes a pin attempt. 1...Kick Out!

    Rollins doesn't stop to argue, hitting a standing shooting star press. Seth then tosses Barrett into the turnbuckle. He quickly connects with a corner elbow strike, before heading to the top rope. When Wade gets up, Seth goes for a flying cross body, but Wade connects with a big boot on Rollins in mid-air! He makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Barrett is shocked and visibly frustrated. He grabs Rollins and connects with a pumphandle slam. Seth smashes his lower back hard against the mat. Wade then hits a swinging neckbreaker and makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Wade is once again upset and begins to argue with the referee. When he turns back around, Seth is almost up. Barrett goes for a suplex, but Rollins is able to fight his way out. Seth then goes for a hurricanrana, but Wade catches him and hits a buckle bomb. Barrett then goes for a big boot in the corner, but Seth ducks and flips Wade out of the ring. Barrett hits the ground hard and looks to be in serious pain. Seth tries to go to the outside but the ref holds him back. While the referee is distracted, Sheamus runs down hits Barrett with a Brogue Kick! The Celtic Warrior then tosses Wade back into the ring before leaving. The referee turns around too late and Rollins takes advantage. He picks Wade up and hits Paroxysm before making the pin. 1...2...3!!!


    Seth taunts the crowd before heading to the back. Sheamus stands on the stage, laughing at his rival. Wade eventually gets up and grabs a microphone.

    Wade: I am sick and tired of you getting in my business. You want a match with me at WrestleMania? You got it! It will be Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus! 


    Raw GM: Sheamus, you have just ruined a perfectly good match with your underhanded tactics. Because of that, you will be put in a match tonight. In the Main Event, you will go one on one with Randy Orton!

    Sheamus laughs

    Sheamus: No problem fella'. Tonight, I will use Randy as an example of what going to happen to you, Barrett!

Promo #2: Revealing of the Raw GM

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    Raw GM: The wait is over. My time for vengeance has come and all shall suffer! 

    "No Chance!"...It's Vince Mcmahon!!!

    Vince does his usual strut down to the ring before grabbing a mic.

    Vince: Ladies and gentlemen, I have come back! And I have a message for Chris Masters. So Chris, get out here right now!

    Chris Masters' music goes off and he heads down to the ring with a confused expression. 

    Vince: I am afraid of nobody, and that includes you. You come out here every week, acting as though you can do what you want, but things have changed. I have seen the way you bullied Triple H, but you won't get away with mistreating me. I promise to work my way back into the position of CEO. My job was robbed from me, and I vow to regain what is mine. Things are about to change around here Chris, and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Match #3: Shelton Benjamin V Drew McIntyre for US/European Title (Ladder Match)

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    Both titles hang above the ring as Shelton comes out to a great reaction from the crowd. Drew is out next, and he is accompanied by Layla. The referee calls for the bell and the match begins.

    Shelton went right after Drew, hitting a Lou Thesz press. Benjamin begins pounding on McIntyre, before finally holding back. When Drew gets up, Shelton connects with a powerslam. McIntyre tries to get a breather, sliding out of the ring. However, Benjamin doesn't wait to continue his assault, nailing a Suicide Arabian Press. Shelton quickly grabs a ladder and goes back to work. When Drew gets to his feet, Benjamin nails him in the gut with the ladder before placing it on the ground. Shelton then follows it up with a jumping implant DDT. McIntyre's face crashes straight into the steel ladder.

    Seeing that her boyfriend is in trouble, Layla tries to interfere. She runs over and jumps onto Shelton's back. He struggles, but eventually pulls her off. It seems as if Benjamin is about to punch her, but he holds back. He contemplates it, but eventually turn his attention to Drew. However, McIntyre has time to recover. When Shelton turns around, he is hit with a tilt-a-whirl gut buster. Drew sets up the ladder inside the ring and tries to climb up. He reaches the top, but Shelton rushes into the ring and he too climbs up the ladder. The two go back and forth for quite some time atop the ladder before McIntyre gets the advantage with an eye rake. Benjamin nearly falls, hanging on with one hand. Drew tries pushing Shelton off, but his momentum causes the entire ladder to fall over!

    Both men go crashing to the outside. After a few minutes, the two wrestlers pull themselves up. Drew quickly gets the advantage with a clothesline. He then finds a ladder and hangs it up from the apron to the barricade. McIntyre then lifts Shelton up and irish whips him straight into the ladder. Benjamin's face crashes right into the ladder. Drew once again picks Shelton up, but this time goes for a power bomb onto the hanging ladder. However, Shelton is able to reverse it into a sit out face buster. McIntyre's face goes straight through the ladder, but Shelton also takes some of the blow, with his legs smacking hard into the steel. Both men lie in pain on the outside.

Match #3: Shelton Benjamin vs. Drew McIntyre (Part 2)

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    Shelton is able to stand first. He finds a ladder and sets it up on the outside. Benjamin then climbs it and prepares to jump off. When McIntyre gets up, he is met with a somersault senton plancha from Shelton. Benjamin pulls himself up and climbs into the ring. He quickly sets up the fallen ladder and climbs up. Meanwhile, Drew is able to grab another ladder and bring it into the ring. He too sets up the ladder and goes for the belts.

    Both men stand atop their own ladders, throwing punches. Shelton eventually is able to block Drew's shots and fire back with some hard kicks. McIntyre is reeling. Shelton grabs the title and nails Drew right in the the forehead! McIntyre is about to fall, hanging on with one hand. Meanwhile, Benjamin goes for the U.S. Title. He is able to rechieve the first belt before going for the European Title. However, Drew recovers and stops Shelton! McIntyre smashes Benjamin's face against the ladder, causing the Gold Standard to fall down to the mat with his U.S. Title. Drew then grabs the European Title.


    Shelton recovers and celebrates with his U.S. Title. However, Drew does the same with the European Championship. Both the referee and announcers are extremely confused. 

    Jerry Lawler: What could this mean?

    Jim Ross: It could mean only one thing King. We now have two champions!

Promo #3: Randy Orton Backstage

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    Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Randy Orton.

    Todd: Randy, later tonight you will go one on one with The Celtic Warrior, Sheamus. What are your thoughts on the General manager's decision to book this match?

    Randy: With WrestleMania approaching, there is no better way to prepare for my match then to face someone of Sheamus' caliber. I now he'll put up a fight and that is exactly what I ask of him.

    Todd: Speaking of WrestleMania, your opponent, Seth Rollins, has been on a roll as of late. With Rollins continuously picking up victories, are you fearful of him taking your title at 'Mania.

    Randy: Since coming here, Seth has done nothing but run his mouth. He continues to win, but not cleanly. He didn't even wrestle during the Rumble match, yet he walked out the victor. Tonight, he needed the help of Sheamus to escape with the win. However, at WrestleMania, Rollins won't be able to escape with a victory. He can run and hide all he wants, but on the Grandest Stage of 'Em All, he will suffer the fate of an RKO!

    Todd: Thanks for your time Randy. 

    Randy: You got it Todd.

Match #4: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix for Women's Title (Table Match)

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    K2 comes out first and gets a decent pop from the crowd. Phoenix comes out next, and she is carrying her illustrious Women's Title. Tables surround the ring for this contest. The bell sounds and the match begins.

    Beth starts out by hitting a hard clothesline, sending Kelly to the mat. When K2 gets back up, Phoenix connects with repeated glammer hammers. With Kelly Kelly down, Phoenix goes to the outside for a table. However, before she can get back into the ring, Kelly recovers and jumps to the outside, connecting with a diving crossbody.

    Finally able to incorporate some offense, Kelly quickly hits a single leg drop kick followed up with an arm drag. Beth gets up and frustratedly goes for a clothesline, but K2 ducks and hits a neckbreaker. Kelly Kelly then sets up a table outside the ring. She tries lifting Beth up over her head, but Phoenix easily powers her way out. Kelly then goes for a running elbow, but the Glamazon stops her with a big boot.

    Beth then tosses Kelly back into the ring along with a table. She sets the table in the corner and picks K2 up for a spine buster through the wood. However, Kelly is able to wiggle out and reverse it into a DDT. Seeing the opportunity, Kelly places Beth up against the table and goes for a handspring back elbow. Just inches away from losing, Phoenix quickly jolts forward and hits a running face buster on Kelly.

    Beth is upset that she has yet to finish Kelly and works a bit quicker. Phoenix picks K2 up and nails a shoulder back breaker. Still not done with her brutal assault, Beth locks in a Glam Slam Submission move. K2 tries tapping out, but the match can't end until she is put though a table. After a minute or two, Kelly loses consciousness. Despite her opponent being knocked out, the Glamazon continues the beat down. She lifts Kelly Kelly up and connects with a Glam Slam! WIth the match basically over, Beth sets up the table and puts Kelly on top of it. Phoenix then heads to the top rope in order to finish off the match. However, Kelly is somehow able to roll of the table and avoid being put through the table.

Match #4: Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix (Cont.)

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    Visibly angry, Beth hops down from the turnbuckle and goes right after K2. She goes for a second Glam Slam, but this time Kelly is able to elbow her way out of it. Kelly Kelly then goes for K2, but Beth catches her in midair and connects with an electric chair drop. Once again in control, Beth drags Kelly near the apron. With a table set up on the outside, Beth goes to the apron and tries suplex Kelly from the ring to the table! Phoenix hooks the leg for a fisherman suplex but Kelly fights her way out. Beth then goes for a quick punch, but Kelly Kelly is able to duck out of the way and push Beth off th apron and right through the table!


    Kelly is shocked at her emotional victory and beans celebrating with her new title. Meanwhile, Phoenix is fuming on the outside after losing her belt. 

Main Event: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

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    The Celtic Warrior is out first and he gets a great reaction. The World Champion follows and he also gets cheered. The bell rings and the two men locks up.

    Sheamus gets a quick advantage, connecting with repeated knees to the torso. The Great White then follows it up with a DDT, sending Orton's head straight into the canvas. Randy is able to get up quickly, but goes straight back down with a Celtic War Sword by Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior then pulls Randy up and hits a huge short arm clothesline followed by a pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out! 

    With Orton down, Sheamus heads to the top rope. When Randy gets back to his feet, Sheamus goes for a flying shoulder block, but Orton leaps and nails a drop kick in midair! He makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out! 

    Randy gets up quickly and goes to work on Sheamus. He lifts the Celtic Warriors up and connects with a back suplex. Sheamus lower back smacks hard into the mat and he is visibly hurt. Randy doesn't stop the attack, nailing a running knee drop on the the forehead of Sheamus. The Great White uses the ropes to pull himself up, but Orton tries sending him right back down with a clothesline. However, Sheamus ducks and pulls the top rope down, causing Randy to go flying out of the ring. The Celtic Warrior then follows in pursuit of the Viper. Randy gets up near the barricade, but isn't able to escape Sheamus, who is able to hit his patented Irish Curse backbreaker. Sheamus doesn't stop there, lifting Orton back up and nailing a front powerslam. With Randy nearly out of it, Sheamus tosses him back into the ring and goes for the pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Sheamus is shocked and begins arguing with the referee. With the Great White distracted, Randy is able to recover and attacks Sheamus from behind, hitting an inverted headlock backbreaker. With the Celtic Warrior out of it, Randy signals it is time for the RKO! He goes for it, but Sheamus is able to catch him and places him on the turnbuckle. The Celtic Warrior then goes for a back superplex, and hits it. He makes the pin attempt. 1...2...Kick Out!

Main Event: Randy Orton vs. Sheamus (Cont.)

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    Randy struggles to get up while Sheamus prepares for a Brogue Kick. He goes for his finishing maneuver, but Orton dives out of the way and goes for a roll up pin. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Both men get up at the same time, and Sheamus goes for another Brogue Kick, but Orton ducks yet again. When he turns around, Orton goes for an RKO, but Sheamus once again tosses him away. Reversal after reversal throughout the entire match!

    The two competitors get up at basically the same time. Sheamus is able to get the advantage this time with a flying clothesline. He quickly lifts Randy up and goes for The Celtic Cross. However, Randy is able to struggle his way out of it. When Sheamus turns back around, he is met by an RKO! Orton makes the cover. 1...2...3!


    Orton struggles to get to his feet. Once he is able to stand, he grabs his World Title and celebrates before heading to the locker room. Sheamus still can't stand after a valiant effort despite a loss.


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    Thanks for reading this edition of Monday Night Raw Fantasy brought to you by Will Owen and myself.

    Don't forget to comment with any questions, suggestions, and/or criticism. Also please leave a rating out of 10, as this is competition of Smackdown (Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Will Owen and Myself)

    That's a wrap!