10 UFC Fighters Who Could Run for President and Their Platform

Dan Hiergesell@DHiergesellFeatured ColumnistFebruary 14, 2012

10 UFC Fighters Who Could Run for President and Their Platform

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    The UFC has become one of the fastest growing sports organizations in the world.

    With top-tier talent, promotable champions, unlimited PPV events and the appetite for more, the company's efforts over the past five years has made mixed martial arts relevant among American sports.

    This popularity has directly trickled down to the fighters themselves. 

    Guys like Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar have all become household names in even the most casual combat fan's home. 

    However, based on their backgrounds, will to succeed, sheer knowledge and the universal appeal to make it happen, can the UFC's top fighters ever translate their Octagon dominance into the harsh world of politics?

    Possibly. And even though this is completely hypothetical, here's how they would stack up.

10. Brock Lesnar

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    Sure, Brock Lesnar is retired and officially out of the MMA game, but when you consider what he has done throughout his athletic career, coming over from the WWE to become a UFC heavyweight champion, I'm fairly confident he can manage a presidential campaign.

    Lesnar is one of the most adaptable personalities around. He always seems to do the unthinkable and look good doing it.

    A run for president could add on to one of the most impressive resumes in sports.

    But who would his vice president be? The Undertaker?

9. Forrest Griffin

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    Despite his recent woes in the Octagon, Forrest Griffin is still one of the most popular fighters in the world.

    His personality is extremely unique, which has ultimately gained a mass following over the past five years.

    Griffin is not only a former champion—something an MMA president needs on his resume—but he's a New York Times best-selling author.

    Remember, whether it's pretty or not, Griffin gets things done. Hell, that could be his campaign slogan.

8. Rampage Jackson

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    Who wouldn't want to see Rampage Jackson run for president?

    He's one of the most quotable athletes in the world and is rarely intimidated, whether inside the cage or opposite a gritty politician on debate night.

    Jackson has a mass following across the nation that would prove very helpful to his campaign. His people skills are great, he has already graced the big screen like former president Ronald Reagan and has already been rumored to be thinking about leaving MMA in 2013.

    He'd probably have to give up that glorious chain, but his street soldiers would surely rally some votes.

7. Frankie Edgar

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    Frankie Edgar may be the most qualified fighter on this list for a presidential takeover.

    He earned a political science degree from Clarion University and hails from politically-driven state in New Jersey. 

    His education background and current status as the UFC lightweight champion would be a strong jumping-off point for one of the shortest presidents ever.

    Edgar would have to retire, which is something he should shy away from for at least three years, but I think he can manage the workload that all presidents endure.

    Not for nothing, but the guy beat down Gray Maynard—twice.

6. Carlos Condit

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    While Carlos Condit isn't the most personable fighters in the UFC, his political history deems his presidential relevance accurate.

    Condit's father, Brian, was the Chief of Staff for former New Mexico governor and Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson. And even though it may be surprising that a fighter of Condit's caliber hails from a politically prestigious family, it does in fact give the interim welterweight champion the ability to open doors that others simply can't.

    Think about it. Condit could clean up the streets within four years, sort of like how he took out the trash that is Nick Diaz at UFC 143.

5. BJ Penn

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    BJ Penn has two things in common with President Barack Obama.

    Not only are they both from Hawaii, but Penn and Obama are the best at what they do.

    And even though Penn is fresh off retirement, he definitely has enough gas left in the tank.  His resume is one of the most impressive ones around and he's absolutely beloved by his hometown locals.

    Penn has always been the man to beat at whatever he does, so it would be interesting to see what lengths his presidential competitors would take to dismantle his campaign.

4. Kenny Florian

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    Kenny Florian just oozes politics.

    Ever since he came into the UFC back in 2005, Florian has commanded respect amongst his MMA peers.

    He's by far one of the most popular fighters in the sport today, something that has been based on his reserved personality, love for the sport, humility and overall eagerness to improve every time he fights.

    Florian is no doubt on the back bone of his career and could use something to hone his skills on for the next 10 years.

    He's a professional above all else, and would never quit. No matter what dirty politicians throw at him.

3. Brian Stann

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    Honestly, who's to say Brian Stann will never test the waters in politics?

    The guy is an American hero. Fighting tanks, taking down bad guys, giving out orders like a boss and making a legendary name for himself through an outlet that professional fighting has nothing on.

    Stann's campaign would be the classic war hero montage. Think about how John McCain's entire presidential campaign revolved around his perseverance through his time as a POW in Vietnam.

    While Stann was never held captive against his will, his efforts overseas will never be forgotten.

    This Pro-fighter will be Pro-war come election time.

2. Chael Sonnen

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    There's one and only one reason why Chael Sonnen is on this list.

    His presidential debates would be downright glorious.

    Sonnen has become the official trash talker of MMA and would have no trouble translating that to a suit and tie.

    I'm not quite sure if the middleweight contender has what it takes to stick to his guns and make sure a policy goes through, but his diverse exploitation of the English language would indeed win him some votes.

    Except Anderson Silva's.

1. Junior Dos Santos

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    *Note: Junior dos Santos can not run for President because he was born in Brazil, but let's suspend reality for a moment.

    Junior dos Santos is one of the most well-rounded fighters in the UFC today.

    His current tenure as the heavyweight champion has commanded a lot of respect within the MMA community. Despite his KO efforts inside the cage, Dos Santos has won the battle outside of it.

    Since his early days as a kid in Brazil looking for a way to fend off bullies and make sense of it all, the 27-year-old has become one off the most popular fighters worldwide.

    Brazilians love him, fans love him, fighters love him (unless your name is Cain) and he has all the charisma in the world.

    It also doesn't hurt that the champ speaks Spanish and Portuguese. That's a lot of votes.

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