South Carolina Football: The Gamecocks' Chances of Beating Each Scheduled Team

Alex RobertsCorrespondent IFebruary 13, 2012

South Carolina Football: The Gamecocks' Chances of Beating Each Scheduled Team

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    South Carolina will continue to have success in 2012.  The question on everyone's mind is how much success the team will have. 

    In this way too early look at predicting South Carolina's 2012 season, I decide on a numerical percentage chance of winning for each game of the season.  It is based on thousands of hours of scientific analysis of each team, player, and matchup. 

    Who am I kidding?  At this point it's gut feeling and prognostication.  Here are the chances for each game being a victory in my humble opinion. 

8/30 @ Vanderbilt

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    These aren't your daddy's Commodores.  Vanderbilt have the skills to be competitive against most teams in the SEC.  South Carolina cannot open the season with a sloppy game, or Vandy could take one from them.  However, it isn't likely. 

    Chances of Winning:  65%

9/8 East Carolina

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    South Carolina had their hands full with East Carolina for one half of football in 2011.  It won't happen this year.  The Gamecocks should roll.

    Chances of Winning: 90%

9/15 UAB

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    UAB isn't good.  They won't pose much of a threat to the Gamecocks.  The Gamecock offense and the defense will absolutely smother the Blazers.   

    Chances of Winning: 99%

9/22 Missouri

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    To me, this is a much scarier team than advertised.  They truly could makes some noise in the SEC.  They have a sturdy defense and dependable offense.  This game is in Columbia (South Carolina), and will be Missouri's welcome to the SEC. 

    Chances of Winning:  60%

9/29 @Kentucky

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    Kentucky is bad.  Really bad.  They didn't get much instant impact with recruiting.  The only thing that Kentucky has going for it in this game is that it's at home.  Which isn't saying much. 

    Chances of Winning: 90%

10/6 Georgia

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    This may be the swing game for the entire season.  These are evenly matched teams.  Georgia and South Carolina could both compete for the SEC championship this season.  I would set the odds at 50/50 on a neutral field, but since it is in Columbia...

    Chances of Winning: 55%

10/13 @LSU

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    The Gamecocks travel to Baton Rouge to take on a highly talented and potentially angry LSU team.  The odds are fairly stacked against the Gamecocks.  It would be a huge boost for the program to beat the Tigers there. 

    Chances of Winning: 35%

10/20 @Florida

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    Another difficult game.  South Carolina travels to Florida, where they have found success recently.  The Gators have no proven quarterback, and the coaching is questionable at this point.  The Gamecocks should be able to beat these talented Gators, but it will be a struggle. 

    Chances of Winning: 60%

10/27 Tennessee

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    These Volunteers may be better than 2011, but the Gamecocks will eclipse them in almost every way.  South Carolina has a stronger offense and stronger defense to go with one of the greatest sideline coaches in college football. 

    Chances of Winning:  65%

11/10 Arkansas

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    Ugh.  The dreaded Razorbacks.  For whatever reason, they completely own the Gamecocks.  The talent level isn't that different.  It just seems like they are always ready to play.  It is in Columbia, so that will be in the Gamecocks' favor. 

    Chances of Winning:  40%

11/17 Wofford

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    I don't need many words for this slide. The Terries will get squashed.  End of story. 

    Chances of Winning: 100%

11/24 @Clemson

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    As long as Dabo Swinney coaches the Tigers, the Gamecocks will be the favorite, and will more likely than not, destroy the Tigers.  Clemson's new defensive coordinator may make it closer, but the Tigers will fall to the Gamecocks for a fourth year in a row. 

    Chances of Winning: 75%