10 WWE Stars Who Deserve an Elimination Chamber Spot

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIFebruary 17, 2012

10 WWE Stars Who Deserve an Elimination Chamber Spot

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    The Elimination Chamber is the final pay-per-view event before WrestleMania. For many wrestlers, it is the final chance to get a spot in WrestleMania. For others, it is a way to advance or resolve feuds that already exist.

    The two biggest matches of the night are the Raw and SmackDown Elimination Chamber matches.

    With the Elimination Chamber event around the corner, here are some superstars that may have deserved to be in one of the Chamber matches.

Jack Swagger

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    Ever since the United States title was taken off of Zack Ryder and put on Jack Swagger it lost credibility. The WWE was doing a good job of making the title relevant again with Dolph Ziggler's long run with the belt and then Ryder's long battle to attain it. 

    Then the title was abruptly given to Jack Swagger and it became unimportant again. I think if Swagger was involved in the Elimination Chamber and put on a decent performance it will help the U.S. Championship. It could also lead to a nice feud between Kingston and Swagger.

Brodus Clay

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    Brodus Clay's return got an exciting reaction from the crowd. his new gimmick was being embraced.

    However his in ring ability still needs improvement and he is very limited. This has cause him to lose some steam because he has been basically pulled from weekly programming. However his dominating presence and excitement could have been used in either one of the Elimination Chamber matches. Raw is missing a heavyweight superstar and Clay could have given them that.

Drew McIntyre

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    It feels as if Drew McIntyre has been on the verge of a push for a few years. The angle that McIntyre has had has consisted of a long losing streak and being a victim of Brodus Clay at Royal Rumble.

    The WWE could use the Elimination Chamber to finally give the Scottish superstar a legitimate angle.

Zack Ryder

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    Obviously Ryder's character has serious injuries and he will not be able to compete in the match. However the WWE seems to be making him more injured each week.

    The company should not have made Ryder's character so injured and completely eliminated any chances of him competing in a match at Elimination Chamber. The WWE could have pushed more young talent with Ryder in the match. 

Ted DiBiase

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    Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were on the same level when they were apart of Legacy with Randy Orton. However since then Rhodes has had more success in this business. Rhodes is the current Intercontinental Champion and will be in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match.

    DiBiase, on the other hand, has struggled to become relevant and consistently get time on the weekly programming. His recent feud with Hunico was pretty interesting and proves that DiBiase may be ready to become a more serious superstar. One way the WWE could have pushed more young talent and DiBiase would be to put him in this match instead of Khali or Santino.


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    Hunico has had limited time with the WWE as he just recently made his TV debut as the "other" Sin Cara.

    However he has seen legitimate air time on SmackDown and has had a solid feud with Ted DiBiase. He has been an exciting superstar and would make the Elimination Chamber match more exciting than some of the other wrestlers involved.

Ezekiel Jackson

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    By just looking at him, Ezekiel Jackson is an ideal WWE wrestler. He can be used as a dominating force in any angle, however has struggled to find serious success in the WWE lately. 

    He would easily put on a better performance in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber than both Santino and Khali and gain a push from the match.

    He also could provide the Raw Elimination Chamber a big heavyweight superstar that it is currently lacking.

Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry finally has gotten the biggest push of his career and had a solid title run in the process. Since losing his belt he has still lingered around the title picture. 

    Whether it is because of an actual injury or because of poor booking, Henry has been left out of the EC match. He has delivered quality work and deserves a spot over the Great Khali.


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    I know he has a shot at WrestleMania already but he deserves a spot in the Elimination Chamber. He is one of the top superstars right now in popularity and he needs more momentum if he is going to be involved in one of the championship matches at WrestleMania.

    He could choose his opponent at the event and somehow be involved in the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match.

Anyone but the Great Khali

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    The Great Khali made his return at the Royal Rumble and has immediately been included in the Elimination Chamber match. He is too big and slow to work a quality match and his inclusion in this match is baffling.

    Basically any superstar that has been working every week with the company deserves a spot in the Elimination Chamber match more than the Great Khali.