WWE: Monday Night Raw Preview 2/13

Aakash Vasa@aakash_vasaCorrespondent IIFebruary 13, 2012

WWE: Monday Night Raw Preview 2/13

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    It's that time of the week again! Monday Night Raw will emanate live today from San Diego, California.

    The Road to WrestleMania has begun, so each episode will be crucial. And this being the go-home show for the Elimination Chamber PPV, it should be an interesting night.

    What can we expect from tonight's show? Let's find out. 

The 'Return' of John Laurinaitis

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    Yes, 'Mr. Excitement' somehow managed to convince the WWE Board of Directors to let him keep his job.

    We are sure to hear his wispy voice again tonight talking about how great he is, how he graded himself and how he indeed is the most charismatic man to ever have managed Raw.

    So expect Johnny Ace to come out in full-flow to make Raw must-see television!  

A Filler Divas Match

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    The WWE is notorious for this. 

    There will be a pointless two-minute divas match which will have no resemblance to future storylines.

    If the WWE doesn't care about the divas, why should we?

    Let's move on. 

Another John Cena-Kane Beatdown

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    Ever since their rivalry started, Kane had been getting the better of Cena each week. 

    But two weeks ago, Cena delivered a vicious beatdown on Kane.

    This week I expect Kane to do his usual thing and freak Eve out, before Cena comes and tries to save the day. This will add more fuel to their Ambulance Match at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

    Kane will get the upper hand tonight, only for Cena to end the feud at the PPV. I don't see any way that Cena can lose at the Chamber before his huge match with The Rock. 

A Brodus Clay Squash Match

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    Brodus Clay has been losing a bit of steam as of late as he has not appeared on WWE programming for the past three shows.

    He needs to be back to remain relevant or he'll be forgotten very fast, like I stated in my previous article.

    The Funkasaurus will do his routine dance and then squash one of WWE's long list of jobbers. 

CM Punk-Chris Jericho Segment

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    Considering how Jericho won the Six Pack Challenge on Raw last week, WWE Champion CM Punk isn't going to stay quiet anymore.

    We'll hear about what Punk has to say about Jericho's sneaky victory and how it will affect his chances at the Elimination Chamber. 

    In the meanwhile, Jericho will continue his rant on how Punk is a wannabe.

    Finally their feud can kickstart in full steam.

    This segment could be gold, as both of them are absolutely top-notch on the mic.  

Shawn Michaels

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    The Sexy Boy returns to Monday Night Raw!

    And he wants to talk to Triple H.

    There could be two reasons why Shawn wants to have a conversation with fellow DX member. Either he persuades HHH to take up The Undertaker's challenge or he sides with him and agrees with his decision to not accept it.

    While I wish it was the latter, as I don't want to see Taker vs HHH III, in all likelihood it's going to be the former.

    Nevertheless, it is always good to see the Heart Break Kid back on WWE programming. 


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    That's it, folks.

    Tonight's Raw should be an entertaining show with a return from HBK and potentially great segments. Hopefully, WWE can continue with their trend of putting up good shows.

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