DeSean Jackson: 9 NFL Teams That Should Trade for Eagles' Troubled Playmaker

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IFebruary 13, 2012

DeSean Jackson: 9 NFL Teams That Should Trade for Eagles' Troubled Playmaker

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    The Philadelphia Inquirer has reported that the Eagles will franchise DeSean Jackson, a move that doesn't necessarily mean they intend to keep their troubled star.

    According to the report: "They will not let their Pro Bowl receiver—whose contract is set to expire—walk without getting something in return."

    This means the front office of the Eagles is open to dealing Jackson. 

    If we learned anything about how to be successful in the NFL these days, 2011 showed us that you need multiple playmakers on offense to combat the increasingly athletic defenses that can bottle up one or two. 

    The New York Giants, New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers all have three to four elite playmakers on offense, making them almost impossible to defend.

    There are nine NFL teams that could desperately use Jackson's playmaking abilities and should consider trading to get him from the Eagles.

Arizona Cardinals

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    Larry Fitzgerald too often found himself being swarmed by opposing defenders immediately following a catch in 2011.

    The reason? 

    He has no help. 

    Still, Fitzgerald managed to receive for over 1,400 yards and hauled in eight touchdowns. I imagine those numbers will significantly improve if DeSean Jackson were taking the heat off on the other side of the field.

    Whether it's Kevin Kolb, John Skelton or Peyton Manning, the Arizona Cardinals would be far more explosive on offense with these two receivers complimenting one another.

Tennessee Titans

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    Jake Locker may not be the opening day starter, but he's going to take over the leadership of the Titans franchise sooner rather than later. 

    Locker is going to be an outstanding quarterback in the NFL. He possesses a rocket of an arm, and all he needs to get going strong is a dynamic receiver that can get behind defenses on a regular basis.

    When DeSean Jackson has his head on straight, he is one of the best in the league at consistently beating his coverage. 

    I imagine these two young men would become quite the imposing duo, especially when you add Kenny Britt and Nate Washington to the mix.

San Francisco 49ers

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    After Vernon Davis, the San Francisco 49ers are lacking in playmakers. Michael Crabtree isn't the kind of receiver who can beat double teams, and with the plethora of injuries to their wide receiving corps, the 49ers were incapable of developing a complete passing attack.

    The 49ers tried to stretch the field in 2011 with Ted Ginn, but the guy has the worst case of butterfingers I've ever seen in a "receiver."

    Add DeSean Jackson to the mix and you're looking at a different story.

    Crabtree, Jackson, Davis and Delanie Walker would be a dangerous lineup, and Alex Smith would finally have a full compliment of weapons at his disposal. 

Jacksonville Jaguars

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    First things first for the Jacksonville Jaguars: They have to get the offensive line figured out. 

    Assuming that happens, Blaine Gabbert is still going to need some weapons to throw the ball to. 

    I guarantee that only the most dedicated Jaguars fans can name a single wide receiver currently on the roster. There is nobody good enough to be recognized. If the Jaguars aren't careful, Gabbert will suffer "Alex Smith syndrome", and he will keep regressing.

    Jackson would give the Jaguars a fighting chance. His ability to stretch the field, combined with the powerful running of Maurice Jones-Drew, would keep defenses off balance, allowing Gabbert to have some more time in the pocket, giving him confidence. 

Cleveland Browns

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    Colt McCoy had the same problem as Blaine Gabbert. He simply didn't have the weapons with which to succeed.

    I have faith that Greg Little can learn to hold on to the football, and I believe he'll end up being a valuable weapon in the West Coast offense Pat Shurmur runs. There isn't really anybody else after him that has shown a consistent ability to get open. 

    Adding DeSean Jackson would allow Little to work underneath the safeties while Jackson stretches them with his game-breaking speed. 

    It would be a great combination whether the quarterback ends up being McCoy, Robert Griffin III or Peyton Manning.

Houston Texans

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    Andre Johnson suffers the same affliction as Larry Fitzgerald. Neither one of them has enough help from the rest of the receivers, who struggle to get open against one-on-one coverage allowing the opposing defenses to completely key in on them with double and sometimes triple-coverage.

    Matt Schaub would have a field day against opposing defenses if the Houston Texans traded for DeSean Jackson and his big-play capabilities.

    His presence would lead to a breakout year for Johnson, and the Texans would have a potent offense to go along with their equally talented defense. 

    They would be my favorites to win the AFC in 2012 if they could manage to make this trade a reality.

St. Louis Rams

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    I have pity on both Stephen Jackson and Sam Bradford for having to play on a team with absolutely zero talent at the wide receiver position for the last couple of years (Brandon Lloyd doesn't count).

    Jackson has been facing eight-to-nine man fronts on a regular basis over the last couple of years, and his body has taken a beating as a result.

    Bradford has dealt with the double-edged sword of having a terrible offensive line to go along with receivers who can't get open. 

    It hasn't been pretty.

    DeSean Jackson could relieve some of that pressure. Defenses would have to respect his ability to stretch the field, making Jackson's life a heck of a lot easier.

    Jackson is also quick in and out of his breaks on the shorter routes, and he and Bradford would quickly establish good timing as they worked out together.

New England Patriots

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    Tom Brady needs a deep threat down the sidelines.

    Ever since Randy Moss left the New England Patriots, Brady has had to rely more and more on the quick passes to Deion Branch and Wes Welker while he attacked the deep middle with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

    I could see Brady shattering Drew Brees' passing record with the addition of DeSean Jackson. Jackson could be Brady's new Moss. His ability to get behind cornerbacks in one-on-one situations would be an immense addition to the capabilities of the New England offense. 

Carolina Panthers

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    Cam Newton may have one of the strongest arms the NFL has ever seen. He's deadly accurate when he bombs it out, as Steve Smith was happy to find out.

    Adding DeSean Jackson to the mix would make the Carolina Panthers offense an incredibly difficult one to gameplan against.

    Newton's amazing ability to run outside the pocket forces teams to plant a spy defender whose only job is to follow Newton, taking one more defender out of the coverage scheme.

    This would give either Smith or Jackson one-one-one coverage on almost every single passing play, making the Panthers' passing offense one of the most explosive in the NFL.

    It's worth considering, don't you think?