Channing Crowder to the Atlanta Falcons: Why?

Chris ElliottContributor IIIFebruary 12, 2012

Tampa Bay Quarterback Josh Freeman fending off Crowder
Tampa Bay Quarterback Josh Freeman fending off CrowderMarc Serota/Getty Images

“I told [Falcons DC Mike Nolan] if he needs a better linebacker, let me know,” Crowder added. “He texted me back and said, ‘I’ll keep in touch.’”


Atlanta does need better linebackers. So why would they call Channing Crowder

Is Atlanta so desperate that they would sign a man that claimed to be late for a game in England because "I couldn't find London on a map."  Silliness aside—and for Crowder that is a lot to push away—let's look at the numbers.

In six seasons in the NFL, Channing Crowder has amassed:

  • 469 tackles. This looks like a respectable number until you realize that incumbent middle linebacker Curtis Lofton has recorded 492 in four seasons.
  • 2.5 sacks. Are you kidding me? In six seasons, Crowder has gotten to the quarterback two and a half times? Curtis Lofton has almost doubled that total. Crowder would rank the lowest of the starting linebackers in career sacks.

The Falcons would also get, as a bonus, a volatile temper with a speak-before-you-think attitude.

It was my understanding that the Falcons were past all of this. I thought that the days of signing guys with questionable character were over.

I have seen the "Channing Crowder Show" before. I've seen the talk, the attitude and the arrogance, but I believe the star's name was DeAngelo Hall at the time.

The point is that if you want to sign someone other than our current crop of middle linebackers to play alongside Curtis Lofton in the 3-4 defense, that is commendable.

Always look to get better than what you have, but with guys like E.J. Henderson and D'Qwell Jackson (unless he gets the Franchise tag) out there, I am sure that Mike Smith and Thomas Dimitroff can come up with a better solution than another "head case, me guy."