CFL: 8 Things Commissioner Mark Cohon Still Needs to Accomplish

Joe StrummerContributor IIIFebruary 13, 2012

CFL: 8 Things Commissioner Mark Cohon Still Needs to Accomplish

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    The CFL board of governors have decided to bring Commissioner Mark Cohon back for another three years, signing him to a new deal.


    Cohon is widely considered by fans across the country to be the best commissioner in CFL history.


    Cohon has been the CFL's commissioner since 2007.  Since taking over the job from Tom Wright, he has brought back Ottawa into the fold, including Ottawa having one third of the league have new stadiums be built within the next few years, establish Touch Down Atlantic and is on the verge of signing the largest TV deal in CFL history.


    With his new three-year deal, what does Cohon still need to accomplish?


    Here are 10 things Cohon still needs to do while he is the commissioner of the Canadian Football League.

Successfully Bring Back Ottawa into the CFL

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    In 2008, Cohon announced that Ottawa would be returning to the CFL with Ottawa 67's owner Jeff Hunt finally bringing respected and stable ownership to a team that would need it.


    With the building of a new stadium underway and the date of kickoff flip flopping back and forth between 2013, 2014 and 2015, Cohon needs to establish the team and get things going in Ottawa.


    Having Ottawa hosting a Grey Cup, having a competitive team in the capital and immediately winning the hearts of the citizens of Ottawa are extremely important if the team is to survive longer than the last failed attempt (the Ottawa Renegades).


    Cohon will have to make all three of those things happen if this Ottawa team is to stay in the long run.

Bring Fans to the Rogers Centre

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    Toronto is the CFL's largest market and disappointingly has the smallest amount of fans.


    Argonaut home games always seem to be played in an empty stadium.


    Mark Cohon needs to bring the passion back and get fans to come out to the Rogers Centre and support this team.


    Canada's largest market shouldn't be the league's worst market, especially not by a lot.

Get Hamilton in Their New Stadium

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    The Hamilton Tiger-Cats play in one of the worst stadiums in football. Bob Young, the teams owner, was even considering having the team leave Hamilton if a stadium was not built.


    Although nothing is entirely official, it looks as though the Tabbies will be getting their new stadium, but many things still need to be worked out, including where they are playing in 2013 during construction and the stadiums capacity, which is currently set to be 15,000. Ten thousand is too small for the CFL minimum.


    Things need to be worked out in Hamilton to ensure the teams success in the future, long after Cohon.

Touchdown Atlantic Held Yearly

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    After two consecutive years of a extremely successful Touchdown Atlantic held in Moncton, the CFL will take one year off and then plans to resume play in Moncton in 2013.


    If the CFL ever plans to add a franchise to Atlantic Canada, playing Touchdown Atlantic yearly and for a while is important to get the area into the CFL and to see if the fans are willing to attend games more than once a year. Only holding games occasionally might keep the excitement there for the game to return but does not show if fans are willing to go to nine home games a year. 


    Cohon needs to keep teams playing in Moncton for Touchdown Atlantic if he hopes to ever have an expansion team call the Maritimes home.

10th Expansion Team

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    With Ottawa joining the league in the next few years, the CFL will once again have an odd number of teams in the league with nine.


    The CFL has always wanted a even 10 team all Canadian league.  Cohon can be the commissioner to make it happen.


    With the success of Touchdown Atlantic in Moncton and the potential building of a 30,000-seat stadium in Halifax for the Women's World Cup of Soccer, it seems like the Maritimes will be the location of the CFL's 10th team.


    Other cities such as Windsor, London, Quebec City and Saskatoon have also been brought up.


    A 10th team is what the CFL has always wanted,and Cohon would most likely enjoy being the commissioner to be the one to do it.

Mandatory Canadian QB's and Developing Canadian Talent

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    Currently there is only one Canadian quarterback in the CFL. Many fans would like this to change. The more Canadians, the better. This is the Canadian Football League after all.


    Developing Canadian talent in general is something the CFL needs.


    Helping the CIS develop players in any way is good for the CFL and will grow the game across Canada as Canadian kids will be able to grow up and dream of playing in the CFL, specifically at quarterback. It would help reach more kids who are more focused on hockey or soccer.


    The CFL has to begin helping develop Canadian talent in the near future.

Get a Big TV Deal with TSN

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    The CFL has suffered through many years of instability. As of recently, the CFL's coverage on TSN has been spectacular, bringing in record audiences.


    A lot of it is thanks to Cohon. Now it's time to cash in.


    The CFL has an opportunity to bring in big bucks through a new TV deal with TSN that will be great for the league and its fans.

Getting a New Stadium in Regina

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    The Saskatchewan Roughriders have some of the best fans in the CFL, yet the team and its fans have to settle for one of the worst stadiums in football.


    As of recently, there has been talk of getting a new domed stadium in Regina that would hold roughly 50,000 spectators. This would be great for the CFL.


    It would bring a world class facility into the league and take a step away from old fashion stadiums with wood benches that are simply outdated in general.  It would make the league look far more professional.