Vince McMahon Is Wasting Chris Jericho by Matching Him with CM Punk

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIDecember 3, 2016

At WrestleMania, Chris Jericho won't be in the best match that could be made.

In fact, he will be preventing it.

Chris Jericho should be facing the Undertaker at WrestleMania this year. The match is one that would pit two legends together and push the fight to just below the level of the Cena-Rock bout. While Jericho may not look as physically as imposing as Undertaker, he could sell the match a certain way that would get fans believing the two men are equal.

Jericho is known by casual fans for having competed on Dancing With The Stars and acting in movies. He has stepped out of just being a wrestler and is now an entertainer. He would draw attention to what is most likely the Undertaker's final match. The Deadman has given so much to fans over the years that having his last match get as much attention as possible is only fair.

Jericho could also carry the much older Undertaker. While Jericho and Triple H might be only a few years apart, it is obvious the ring wars have diminished Triple H's skills while Jericho's breaks from the ring have left him fresh.

Jericho could keep a quicker pace with the Undertaker and mask the much older wrestler's weaknesses if they fought. Jericho could do three or four moves to the bigger man while the Undertaker could not sell them and appear unfazed.

But that is only half the story.

While Jericho could be used to make a much better match with the Undertaker, CM Punk could be put in a match that would not only give him more notoriety, but put him over for good.

He could face Stone Cold Steve Austin.

It is a match that fans have clamored for in recent years and it hasn't gone away. It may never.

While Austin's wrestling days are behind him, he could stand one more match and there isn't a bigger one out there.

While The Showdown's potential may have started from the desire to see the beer-guzzling Austin attack the strait edge Punk's lifestyle, it holds so much more purpose now. Austin represents the Attitude Era of the 1990s and the rebellion it held, while Punk is the new generation and a new style of anarchy against the norm.

This is the match that would make Punk in the eyes of the casual fan and bring back the energy he had after his famous promo last year. It would either make him the ultimate villain or the ultimate antihero.

Either way, he would be the face of pro wrestling. Instead, we get Punk facing off with Jericho.

The match isn't a bad one, it just stops Jericho from helping Undertaker to cement the last of his incredible legacy.

And it stops CM Punk from starting his.


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