NFL 2012: Quarterback Possibilities for the Washington Redskins

Sam CatronContributor IIIFebruary 10, 2012

NFL 2012: Quarterback Possibilities for the Washington Redskins

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    Okay, Mike.

    I know that you're a pretty good NFL draft guy.  I'm not too keen on your decision to keep Rex Grossman and John Beck last year, but that's over and done with.

    Now, you need to completely revamp the QB position for our beloved Redskins.

    There are a fair amount of free-agent quarterbacks available this off season and some worthy ones in the draft too.

    Because you didn't take the advice of practically every Redskins fan in the world last year, here's your step-by-step guide for finding a new quarterback for the 2012-2013 season.

Do Not Sign Peyton Manning

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    I know this sounds dumb when you first read it, but hear me out.

    First, Peyton Manning cannot and will not run the west coast system that you live and die by.

    Second, the Redskins' offense will have to start at ground zero to learn the Peyton offense—that includes all of the young guys you boast about having on your roster.

    Third, when he's done playing in two years, we will be in the same situation we are in now—without a QB. 

    Fourth, Peyton will want Manning-type money.

    It doesn't make sense to sign a guy who can't run our offense and who will want Hall of Fame QB money.

Sign Alex Smith

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    Right now, the Redskins should be looking at Alex Smith as their number one free-agent QB target.

    Alex Smith has the mobility and arm strength to play QB for any team in the National Football League.  He has finally proven himself after a Pro Bowl-type season.

    He doesn't turn the ball over, and the system that he ran this year was simple and relied on a running game.  Starting to sound familiar?

    Plus, Alex Smith is a veteran but young enough to play for more than just a couple of years.  He'll be healthy enough to play while mentoring a younger QB in the process.

Sign Matt Flynn

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    The other QB that deserves recognition is Matt Flynn.

    If you've read any NFL news since Christmas, you would know that Matt Flynn is going to be a starting QB next year and for years to come.  He is an attractive candidate for the Redskins' starting job.

    I know he's only started a couple of games in the NFL, but he is primed and ready to play.  He's shown his arm strength and has improved his mobility.

    The Redskins must sign a free-agent QB even if they plan on drafting one.

    Even available guys like Kyle Orton and Jason Campbell would be better than Grossman or Beck.

Best Case 2012 NFL Draft

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    Like most other NFL people, I would consider Robert Griffin III a close second to Andrew Luck.

    In the Redskins' dream scenario, RG3 will be available at No. 6.  Washington will turn in the draft slip faster than a lightning strike and we'll all live happily ever after.

    However, Cleveland is becoming more and more of a legitimate contender to draft RG3.

    Beware Washington.  Trading up for RG3 creates a huge void in the grand scheme of things.

    Shanahan and company worked very hard last year to get the most out of each draft selection and add picks.  If the Redskins were to give up the farm for RG3, the growth of the team could be severely stunted.

Most Probable 2012 NFL Draft

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    In a much more down-to-earth scenario, the Redskins would draft Ryan Tannehill with the sixth pick.

    Tannehill is a strong-armed, mobile quarterback listed as the clear number three QB in the 2012 NFL Draft.

    I believe that drafting Tannehill at No. 6 is a big reach, but it has happened before (Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert and Jake Locker).

Strangely Possible Scenario

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    A lot of people are hot on fire about Tampa Bay taking Morris Claiborne, but I see things differently.

    Would Morris Claiborne help Tampa?  Absolutely.  The Bucs are anemic on defense.

    But Tampa Bay needs more help than just a top CB.  Here's how I could see it play out...

    Tampa Bay could decide to get out of the Top 10 and stock up like Washington did last year.  This would be a great move for a team looking to get a top-flight RB like Trent Richardson or one of the big offensive linemen.

    Then, Washington takes Claiborne and adds much needed depth at CB.  They could look for a QB in the second round.

Other Possible Scenarios

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    If the Redskins land one of the top free-agent quarterbacks—Manning, A. Smith or M. Flynn—they might be content to draft a QB much lower in the draft.

    This would allow the Redskins to surround their new quarterback(s) with talented weapons.

    They could address WR, LB and CB needs in the first two rounds and draft a middle tier QB in the third round like Brock Osweiler, Nick Foles or Brandon Weedon.