WWE Elimination Chamber 2012: Is R-Truth Really That Dangerous?

Robert Aitken@@RobertAitkenBRAnalyst IFebruary 10, 2012

WWE has done a lot this week to make one superstar seem especially strong for the RAW Elimination Chamber match. R-Truth will enter the chamber for the third straight year. The veteran wrestler who has never been a world champion in WWE is being touted by WWE as a dangerous superstar going into that chamber match.

Should we really buy into the hype? Is R-Truth, of all people, a superstar to watch inside Satan's Structure?

The short answer to all of this is no, but that probably doesn't surprise anybody. Simply put, R-Truth just isn't a superstar to carry around a world championship. Let's not forget that we are just weeks away from WrestleMania, and R-Truth doesn't fit into plans for the world title matches.

In fact, R-Truth hardly has a plan for his character at WrestleMania. His feud with The Miz has gotten stale and, while The Miz had a great Royal Rumble to give him momentum, R-Truth's push in relevance by WWE comes relatively out of nowhere.

Where it comes from is this article by WWE.com, as well as a video by WWE on YouTube, showing his performance in the chamber last year. Both seem to stem from WWE scrambling for an angle for R-Truth after his fall on RAW during the 6-Pack Challenge. R-Truth attempted to fall to the outside onto The Miz, but he missed and was escorted to the back. Shockingly, R-Truth was not seriously injured and will still compete at Elimination Chamber.

As for The Miz, The Awesome One seems to be getting all of the negativity from the spot. Backstage, it seems that Miz is being given heat for the result. The microscope has been on The Miz ever since Survivor Series, as a lot of negativity has been directed towards him because of the low buy rate. Despite a historic performance at the Rumble, The Miz may be in the doghouse in the immediate future.

His punishment could be a longer feud with R-Truth.

That feud could be spiced up at Elimination Chamber, probably with R-Truth eliminating The Miz. That would be the first elimination for R-Truth in three career Elimination Chamber matches. That's right, that "dangerous" title that WWE is giving R-Truth will likely lead to his first pinfall in the match. In fact, R-Truth has been so bad in his previous two chambers that he was the first eliminated from the match in both previous appearances.

I guess it would be racist for WWE to call R-Truth a "dark horse," but that would be what WWE seems to be letting on. We are apparently supposed to expect a good showing for an average superstar with no momentum just because The Miz is getting blamed for a missed spot. Is it fair? It sure doesn't seem that way right now.

Fans were on board with R-Truth's attitude change over the summer during his WWE Championship match at Capitol Punishment. Within months, his act grew stale. Now, some are just waiting for his retirement.

R-Truth will now act as an albatross for The Miz, who I can see starting the match, only for R-Truth to come out, attack The Miz and eliminate him. Beyond that, I can't expect R-Truth to go much further. It will likely lead to a WrestleMania match with the two involved with one another. Until The Miz has survived this recent wave of heat, it will be just him and R-Truth... and Little Jimmy, of course.