10 Craziest NHL Fanbases

T.J. McaloonContributorFebruary 9, 2012

Every team in the National Hockey League can claim that their fans are the craziest. However, these fans that made this list are in no doubt the best the league has to offer.

You will see on this video fans that that like to Rock the Red or dress up in green spandex uniforms to terrorize opposing players. From there, you’ll get to know about some teams that have their fans claim they are the “State of Hockey” and like to throw sea life on the ice before playoff games, followed by a team that has celebrity fans show up on home games.

Finally, the list will finish with a long consecutive home sellout list and the most valuable franchise in the NHL, according to Forbes.

The final three teams on this list each have a claim to have the craziest group of fans. However, lists are made to be debated, and I’m sure you will have your own reasons to put anyone of these teams at No. 1. 

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