The 5 Best Traditions in Sports

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There’s certain things in sports that just seem right, like they were meant to be, like they’ve been that way forever. Dotting the “i” at Ohio State football games. Singing Neil Diamond at Fenway or the celebrity screaming “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” at Wrigley. War Eagle and “Play Like A Champion Today.”

Traditions endure because they make us feel special and appreciate the sentimental side of sports. Are some of them cliche or sophomoric? Of course. It’s not like the world would end if the Indy 500 winner opted for an ice cold glass of … WATER?! Still, we elevate certain routines or actions to god-like levels, for no other reason than because of the “T” word.

It’s all part of sports’ allure. Things don’t have to make sense; it’s players on a field, not lawmakers arguing policy. If we want to “Sweet Caroline” en masse or expect that a squadron of fighter jets fly over our stadiumso be it. Tradition permeates athletics, and these are some of the best examples.

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