NFL: Keyshawn Johnson looking to make NFL comeback in 2008

Kieran HaweAnalyst IFebruary 20, 2008

Look who just wants the d*mn ball again? Current ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson is thinking about returning to the NFL after one year away from the game. Johnson last played for the Carolina Panthers in 2006 and was cut by them at the end of the season.

Johnson has been working out and says that he is ready to make a return (take that T.O.) if any NFL team is willing to sign him.

“I like challenges,” Johnson told Yahoo! Sports. “The challenge of helping to turn a team around, to help get it to the next level, that gets my competitive fires burning. I have the itch, and right now I’m trying to decide how strong that itch is.”

A possible suitor could be the newly revamped Miami Dolphins, Johnson acknowledged he and new head of football operations for the Dolphins, Bill Parcells, have had talks. “Me and Bill talk all the time. We talk about football a lot. We talk about everything, except playing for the Miami Dolphins,” Johnson said to a Florida newspaper.

“He’s helping me go over the pros and cons of coming back versus staying at ESPN. He’s always treated me like a father figure more than anything else. But not once has he said, ‘Come play for me in Miami.’ ”

Johnson, who was the first overall pick in the 1996 NFL Draft, has three Pro Bowl appearances and has caught 10,571 yards and 64 touchdowns in his career.