College Basketball 2012: Eight Players with the Most Swag

Nolan Gauvreau@@NolanGauvreauContributor IIFebruary 22, 2012

College Basketball 2012: Eight Players with the Most Swag

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    Welcome to the first annual College Basketball Swag List. Every college hooper is eligible for this year's list and the criteria needed to make the list is simple: swag, swag and more swag.

    With hundreds of players in competition to make the cut, the eight players selected have proven themselves worthy by playing with electrifying excitement, passion, confidence and cockiness.  

    Without further ado, here are the top eight most swagged out players on this year's College Basketball Swag list.

8. Trey Burke

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    A former teammate of Jared Sullinger at Northland High School in Columbus, Trey Burke could have stayed home and played for the Buckeyes. No doubt, the 2011 Mr. Basketball in the state of Ohio would have been a great addition to an already talented OSU roster and an instant fan favorite in Buckeye nation. 

    However, Burke knew that becoming a Buckeye would mean backing up current starter Aaron Craft. So what did Burke do? He signed with hated rival Michigan and has started every game of his freshman year for the Maize and Blue. That's swag.

    Fresh off an impressive victory against his hometown Buckeyes in a game in which he led Michigan in scoring, Burke is beginning to cement himself as the one of the best freshman in the country. With five Big Ten Freshman of the Week Awards under his belt, it is safe to say Burke made the smart decision when he chose to take his talents to Ann Arbor.  

7. Stevie Taylor

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    Stevie Taylor is a backup guard and a part of the bench mob for the Ohio Bobcats. Just a freshman, Taylor takes great pride in school swag and is a Bobcat through and through.

    For evidence of Taylor's swag look no further then his Twitter account @ST_OU22 to read tweets such as, "My Swagg Today = 1,000,000,000! Wow!" 

    On the court, what he lacks in size he makes up for in aggressiveness. Taylor is always pushing the tempo at point and still has not met a shot he does not like. Whether he is driving the lane or stroking from deep, Stevie will always pause and give the crowd a celebratory swag salute after a made bucket.

    If you're not convinced that Taylor deserves a spot on the Swag List, check him out for yourself on Sunday February 26th at 8 PM against Akron on ESPNU.

6. Deuce Bello

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    Deuce Bello can JUMP.

    Bello can throw down with the best of them, and he will let you know about it afterwards. It's not cockiness, he is just that good. When he makes remarks such as "we put on a show," and "I play myself because it's hard to guard me," there really isn't too much you can say to diminish his confidence and swag.

    Do yourself a favor- next time Baylor is on TV, tune in and watch Bello fly. 

5. Marcus Denmon

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    A first team All Big 12 guard a year ago, Marcus Denmon is the heart and soul of arguably the most exciting team in college basketball.

    Earlier this season the senior guard put the team on his back in route to a comeback win over arch rival Kansas thanks to a few clutch threes in the closing minutes. After the victory, he told ESPN's Holly Rowe that he told fans not to rush the court "'cause we expected to win."

    Mizzou's four guard up-tempo and explosive offensive attack makes the Tigers the most swagged out team in the Big 12 this season, and Denmon is at the center of it all. Look for Denmon and the Tigers to keep their swag turned on late into March this season.  

4. Tyshawn Taylor

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    Kansas coach Bill Self commented on Tyshawn Taylor by saying that sometimes he makes plays you cannot coach and then other times he makes plays that make you wonder if he has ever been coached. It's true, Tyshawn Taylor's career has been a roller coaster with plenty of highs and lows, but the one thing that has stayed true to Taylor is his swag.

    More often than not, Tyshawn Taylor looks like he is playing basketball in cruise control. He never looks like he is going all out, yet night in and night out he is always one of the best players on the court. He has no problem drilling deep threes and flashing some "3 goggles" to whoever is watching. 

    When asked what his low point was in his Kansas career, Taylor nodded his head and said that he has had a few low points. 

    Taylor has been suspended twice for violating the same team rule and was caught fighting the Kansas football team outside a bar one night. He also had his Twitter account temporarily removed, so to say there is no baggage attached to Tyshawn Taylor is nonsense.

    Through all the ups and downs, Tyshawn Taylor simply floats high on his swag and is without question worthy of a spot on this year's Swag List. 

3. Tu Holloway

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    After this season's brawl in the annual Crosstown Shootout against Cincinnati, Xavier guard Tu Holloway had this to say:

    "We got disrespected a little bit before the game, guys calling us out...we're a tougher team, we're grown men over here, we got a whole bunch of gangsters in the locker room. Not thugs but tough guys on the court and we went out there and zipped them up at the end of the game, thats our motto-  zip them up."

    Need I say more? Tu Holloway punches his ticket onto this year's Swag List. 

2. Terrence Jones

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    You can make a valid case that about half of Kentucky's team has enough swag to make the cut for this year's Swag List. With so much NBA talent on the roster there is not a team in the country that can match the Wildcats' swag, and Terrence Jones is the headliner of the Kentucky swag show.

    As the above video suggests, Jones is a beast on the court. His in-your-face style of game is ferocious, physical and violent. He has the most intimidating game face in the country and loves to put on a pair of "3 goggles" after he splashes from deep.

    Terrence Jones' game and ability to go into beast mode makes him an easy choice for this year's swag list.

1. Austin Rivers

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    Opposing student sections chant "daddy's boy", but they're only fueling Austin Rivers' swag meter. The freshman sensation can shake nearly any defender in the country and finish at the rim. Sub-zero is always ready to trigger the three-ball and is capable of being a prolific scorer.

    If you did not jump out of your seat when Rivers ripped cord at the buzzer to beat North Carolina, then I question your swag radar.

    Austin River's game winning three pointer was the picture definition of swag. He sized up Zeller, took a few hard dribbles and let it fly with confidence, silencing 22,000 haters. That's swag, and is why Austin Rivers tops the 2012 Swag List.

    Oh, and memo to Tyler Zeller—hands down, man down. Sub-zero is ice.   


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