Cesar Gracie: Condit Versus Diaz Rematch Isn't Happening

Andrew McCluskeyCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2012

UFC 143 was highlighted by the controversial ruling in the main event featuring Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz for the interim welterweight championship. 

Condit fought a smart fight that involved circling and moving to avoid getting caught against the cage, where Diaz does his best work. We've seen countless fighters get pressured against the cage by Diaz only to get peppered with hooks to the head and body. 

"The Natrual-Born Killer" wasn't about to fall in to that trap and was able to land some solid counter shots on Diaz as he circled away from the cage. This strategy was enough to win him the decision.

That decision didn't sit well with Nick Diaz or his fans. 

Diaz went on a post-fight rant, essentially announcing his retirement from the sport because he felt that Condit was simply "running away" and didn't show up to fight. 

Whether you agree with Diaz or not, it seems as if a rematch would be the best plan for the UFC. 

That is what UFC president Dana White set in motion. There would be plenty of time to get a rematch in before current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre returns from injury. Carlos Condit immediately agreed to another fight with Diaz. 

It appeared that we were all set for Condit versus Diaz part two.

However, it is now being reported (via mmajunkie.com) today that Diaz's trainer, Cesar Gracie, has said a rematch is not happening.

Gracie failed to give a reason why the rematch isn't happening. This seems like an incredibly strange mood considering this should be exactly what Diaz wants. A rematch with Condit would give him the chance to prove he is the better fighter as well as earn the title shot against St-Pierre.

So why is this fight not going down?

There are a couple of things we could speculate on.

The first would be that Diaz really does want to retire. This seems unlikely because his post-fight tirade seemed to be based more off of poor sportsmanship and frustration than it did a desire to actually stop fighting. Diaz has never been afraid to speak his mind, but it is hard to determine if he means what he says.

Still, Diaz is only 28 years old and is one of the best welterweights in the world. Even if he doesn't rematch Condit, he is only a couple of wins away from another shot at the title. Retirement just does not make any sense.

The hot rumor today is that Diaz may have failed a drug test. 

The head of the NSAC Keith Kizer stated today (via sherdog.com) that they have at least one positive test from UFC 143.

“Thank you for the many email[s] and phone calls,” Kizer wrote. “I am still waiting for all the steroid and drug test results to come back. We did have at least one positive test. I will send out an email later today on that matter.” 

Again, this is pure speculation, but Diaz has a history with marijuana. 

Whatever the reason, the fans are going to be disappointed that we won't get to see these two step in to the octagon together any time soon. Both fighters put on a great show, and many fans would love to see a rematch simply to see another incredible fight.

It is only a matter of time before the reason for Diaz backing out of fight comes out. Until then, we will just have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Nick Diaz tests positive for marijuana. (via USAToday.com)