Pro Wrestling: 5 More Things I Miss in Wrestling

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIIFebruary 9, 2012

Pro Wrestling: 5 More Things I Miss in Wrestling

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    I hope all is well, Bleacher Creatures.  It has been awhile since I have added something to the website, but it is time that I step my game up and deliver a great slideshow.  Many of you that have read my articles before know that I like to look back on past years of wrestling and reminisce about those things that make me smile, and hopefully they will make you smile as well.

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5. Small Wrestling Shows in the Armory or Local Gymnasium

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    I believe if we were honest, many of us would say that we have attended more than a few shows at local armories and/or high school gymnasiums.  Many of my nights during childhood were spent at my father's school, where he was principal, cheering on all the wrestlers and even getting a chance to meet a few of them.  I still remember the fear in my voice as I tried to pronounce my name to Jim "the Anvil' Neidhart or Cowboy Ron Bass.  To a seven-year-old boy, those guys were just as mean outside the ring as they were inside the ring.  

    There are still shows being run in many areas, but for some reason, they do not seem to capture the same magic as they did when I was a child.  Fliers posted around town celebrated the return of our favorite wrestlers, and we were hoping that they would put on a great show.  There was always something special about the Friday night wrestling at the local high school.  Man, I miss those days.  

4. WCW Saturday Night

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    Just as there was a different feel to those smaller shows in our towns, there was always a different feel to the Saturday night shows that were put on.  I still remember many of the shows that TBS would put on that were taped at the Omni in Atlanta.  It seemed as though there were only about 75 people in the audience, and I wondered why there were not more people.  

    I began to realize that there were just enough people at these shows to keep that small, comfortable feel to them, and that it really was the perfect size for groups such as the Rock-n-Roll Express to do their thing.  Just once I wanted Ricky Morton to win the title from Ric Flair.  

    I miss those shows that made you feel like you were watching with only a few other people, and I miss the shows that did not force the Twitter trends every 10 seconds on the audience.  Those were the days.  

3. Tag Team Partners Splitting in a Heated Debate

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    The tag team divisions in wrestling used to be as exciting as the singles division.  However, over the years, the teams seemed to have lost their luster and now have become an extension of two singles wrestlers just joining forces before creative can find something to do with them.  

    Who can forget the above clip the night Shawn Michaels betrayed his friend Marty Janetty?  In my opinion, this was one of the biggest career-changing pieces of all time.  Look at where the two careers headed after this split.  Michaels goes on to Hall of Fame status, and Janetty wrestled around for a few years and nobody cared.  

    Tag teams splitting could have been predicted based on the outcome and behavior in recent matches, but the fans never knew when it would happen, and usually they would end in a way that left the door open for a rivalry to begin with each other.  

2. Great Promos by Great Wrestlers

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    I chose the clip above as a great example of what happens when you give your best effort to a group of people in a small building.  Sit back and enjoy the Nature Boy as he goes through cities and wrestlers, much to the delight of the crowd.  

    Many of the wrestlers coming up today possess all the physical qualities needed to be a great wrestler, but few of them combine those skills with the personality that is needed to be a great speaker.  CM Punk does a great job at this, but great promos are few and far between in the world of wrestling today.

    I miss those days when the promos that a wrestler would cut came from the "heart," not a writer sitting behind the curtains.  Listening to guys such as Flair, Dusty, Hogan, the Rock and Austin makes me wish that we could bottle those promos and teach the current guys how to work a crowd.  

1. Surprise Endings

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    The WWE used to have the mantra "anything can happen" in the WWE.  However, that is not the case in recent months.  It seems as though when something exciting is about to happen, creative comes in and puts a damper on all the fun, leaving us wanting more.  Having the fans wanting more is usually a good thing, but when they want more because the current product is stale, that is not a great thing.

    I remember when CM Punk went on his tirade a few months back, it had many people talking, and it even had radio personalities calling for him to be on their shows.  That had people talking about the product, something that hadn't happened in quite awhile.  Unless celebrities become involved with wrestling, mainstream media has no reason to be interested in it.  

    The surprise endings keep people guessing and they leave people wanting more—in a good way. The fans want to be surprised, but when the script becomes predictable, the product is just not much fun to watch.   


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    Once again, thanks for reading this article.  I hope you enjoyed it, and I will try to submit articles more frequently now that the wrestling season has picked up.  

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