Samoa Joe-Magnus Pairing Will Bring Enormous Benefits for TNA in Future

Anthony Petronzio@tronz13Contributor IIIFebruary 8, 2012

Impact fans have waited a long time for a feud in the tag-team division, but now they have one.

The teaming of Crimson with Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe with Magnus has been a good idea so far, and equally as entertaining thanks to TNA's writing team. More specifically, Samoa Joe and Magnus are showing why they are main-event talent ready to help lead TNA into the future.

First of all, the tag team of Samoa Joe and Magnus has done a lot in terms of returning credibility to both wrestlers' careers.

Before the team, Samoa Joe was on a seemingly endless slump, and Magnus hadn't been seen on Impact for months. Now, both wrestlers are on Impact fans' minds and were even cheered in London, despite their roles as heels in the tag-team division.

From this point on, I see Samoa Joe and Magnus being reliable players for TNA and two of the biggest stars in the company.

Both have the size and athleticism to be contenders in TNA's heavyweight division. Both have pretty sharp mic skills, too. There are multiple ways TNA can continue these two wrestlers' progress and make them stars.

The option I feel TNA should stick with, for now, is to turn these two into a force in the tag-team division. TNA hasn't had a truly reliable championship team since Beer Money lost the belts in August.

Magnus and Samoa Joe being champions or contenders for a long period of time would help the credibility of the division as a whole. Tag-team matches are entertaining, and more credibility would mean more TV time for the division.

However, Magnus and Samoa Joe have an advantage not all tag teams have: the ability for both to stay relevant after the team breaks up. Team 3D's breakup showed how important this is, with Bully Ray becoming a star and Devon falling off.

If TNA felt a split of Joe and Magnus was necessary, they'd be left with the perfect pieces for a feud. The fans love Joe, and he could be a face who's still menacing, while Magnus comes off as arrogant and is perfect for the role of a heel.

Either way TNA chooses to go with the two, they have two bright stars they're working with. Joe's history with the company proves it, as well as Magnus' run with the British Invasion.

I can say I am definitely looking forward to their match against Crimson and Matt Morgan at Against All Odds.