Building the NFL's Haircut All-Star Team

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIFebruary 9, 2012

Building the NFL's Haircut All-Star Team

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    Sports create personalities that fans grow to love, and a simple haircut can do wonders for an athlete's persona.

    You see this in various sports, but in the NFL, there are 10 players that have hairstyles that can be both classy and all over the place at the same time.

    It is unknown as to why fans gravitate toward players with peculiar hairstyles, but it happens and their popularity tends to grow. It could be the rebellious nature of the hairstyles or just the fact that they stand out that draws fans to these athletes.

    So when forming the NFL's All-Pro Haircut Team, these are the players that made the cut. Pun intended.

Troy Polamalu

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    Troy Polamalu's hair is so iconic that it, along with him, is often seen in Head & Shoulders commercials.

    Fans and players know that when they see that frizzy black hair coming out of the back of that black Pittsburgh Steelers helmet, they're about to see one of the best football players in the NFL in action.

    Polamalu's hair has become its own legend, and he'll always be remembered not only for his fantastic play on the field but also for that unmistakable long hair.

Paul Soliai

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    Paul Soliai's hairdo is magical.

    Well, it's either magical or gross depending on the way you look at it. In this picture, it's hard to tell where Soliai's beard stops and the rest of his hair begins.

    That's awesome, and for that reason, his spot on the NFL's Haircut All-Star team is justifiable.

Anthony Dixon

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    Looking at his hair, you'd never guess Anthony Dixon is from Mississippi.

    Dixon's working with a gold and black frohawk in this picture, and as you an see it's pretty wild.

    I'm no hairstylist, but there can't be too many American citizens walking around with that exact hairstyle. Dixon's hairstyle gets extra cool points for its originality.

Chris Kemoeatu

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    Boy, where do we begin with this one?

    My man, Chris Kemoeatu, is all over the place on this one, so let's try and break this down as best as possible.

    As far as the facial hair goes, Kemoeatu has a nice beard with a soul patch, but he shaves the mustache. On top, he's shaved a line above the ear, and he finishes off the look with a frizzy mullet. Now that's impressive!

Clay Matthews

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    It doesn't take but one glance to realize that Clay Matthews was born in California.

    His long golden hair is a direct giveaway, and with muscles galore, Matthews looks like he just arrived from battle on his Trojan horse.

    Matthews' hairstyle isn't crazy, but it's certainly a classic in the NFL.

Mike Iupati

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    Speaking of classic, how about Mike Iupati's haircut?

    I'm not sure how the man is able to keep his hair so perfect on the battlefield.

    With his long hair held back in a ponytail and his beard trimmed to a tee, Iupati sports a great look on the field.

Larry Fitzgerald

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    Larry Fitzgerald's hairstyle is another classic that NFL fans have grown used to seeing.

    It's a hairstyle that players like Ricky Williams and Al Harris made famous throughout the decade, and Fitzgerald has certainly kept the trend going.

    Football is just not football without a player running around with dreads waving in the back of his helmet.

Domata Peko

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    Domata Peko is a hairy dude.

    Peko's hair is all over the place, and you can tell by the way it's coming out of his helmet that there is lots of hair under there.

    Peko's hairstyle might not catch on, but it's impressive nonetheless.

Brett Keisel

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    All I can say is look at that man's beard.

    If there was ever a perfect beard, ladies and gentlemen, I do believe you're looking at it. The more I look at Brett Keisel's beard, the more envious I get.

    That beard is a masterpiece, and it simply can't be duplicated.

Antonio Garay

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    In a slideshow that features the craziest of hairstyles, Antonio Garay stands out.

    That's pretty difficult to do, but the San Diego Charger nose tackle's hairdo is unique to say the least.

    Garay dyes what hair he has on top of his head and shaves tribal-looking designs into his beard to go along with his bushy goatee. The man puts a lot of effort into the way he looks.