The Ultimate Show Interview with Jake Ellenberger, UFC on Fuel Preview and More

The Ultimate ShowWeekly UFC ShowFebruary 7, 2012

 The Ultimate Show is locked and loaded for another episode!

Kenda Perez returns to recap UFC 143 as she looks at the fight between Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz and takes a look ahead to UFC on Fuel TV 1 which features Jake Ellenberger and Diego Sanchez.

 Bleacher Report sat down with Ellenberger for an exclusive one-on-one interview. Ellenberger breaks down Sanchez and what the biggest challenges are that he presents. We even go as far to ask Jake for his prediction on the fight. He doesn’t disappoint as he expects to walk away with his hand raised.

 Don’t worry, our UFC contributors break down the fight and give us a prediction on which fighter they expect to come out on top in the welterweight clash between Ellenberger and Sanchez.

 Bleacher Report was in Indianapolis this past weekend for the Super Bowl and we took the time to test the UFC knowledge of some of the best NFL players. From Dwight Freeney to Maurice Jones-Drew to Dwight Freeney, find out if these tough guys would ever have the courage to step foot inside the octagon.

 Don’t forget to comment below to let us know who you think is going to come away with a victory in UFC on Fuel TV 1!

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