NBA Trade Rumors: Breaking Down NBA's Latest Buzz-Worthy Trade Scenarios

Branden FitzPatrick@divingmelvinCorrespondent IFebruary 8, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: Breaking Down NBA's Latest Buzz-Worthy Trade Scenarios

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    NBA trades are always exciting. The guessing game of "who's going to go where" has become a tradition every season as the trade deadline looms. It may not be as enjoyable for fans of franchises like the Orlando Magic, but trades in the NBA are always exciting.  

    The trade scenario that most people have been keeping their eyes on  this season is "Where will Dwight Howard end up?" It's almost a carbon copy of the Carmelo Anthony story from a season ago. Though there's been a lot of talk about Howard, nothing has happened yet. Overall, the trade scene has been rather low-key this year. With the March 15 trade deadline creeping up, expect more trades to happen soon.

    Here is a look into the NBA's latest buzz-worthy trade scenarios:     

Johnny Flynn to the Los Angeles Lakers?

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    It's become common knowledge that the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a new point guard. With an injured Steve Blake and an aging Derek Fisher, the Lakers have arguably the worst collection of point guards in the league.

    Apparently the Lakers may have found a guy they like.

    Chris Broussard of ESPN reported that the Lakers have shown interest in acquiring Houston Rockets point guard Jonny Flynn.

    Yes, the same Flynn that the Minnesota Timberwolves drafted with the sixth pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. The same guy that the Wolves traded to the Houston Rockets only two years later.

    I don't understand what the Lakers see in Flynn. It's not like he has shown progress on the court. Flynn has only played in seven games this year. In those seven games Flynn has averaged a measly 3.1 points and 2.4 assists.

    It's clear the Lakers need an upgrade at point guard. I just don't see how Flynn can improve the Lakers situation.

    Ramon Sessions would be a much better fit for the Lakers. The issue with Sessions is he would come with a much higher price tag.   

Phoenix Suns Willing to Trade Nash?

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    According to, the Phoenix Suns are willing to accommodate Steve Nash if he asks for a trade.

    Steve Nash, who just turned 38, doesn't have many years left in the tank. How neat would it be to see him get traded to a contender to close out his brilliant career?

    Nash could help several teams take the leap from being a "good" team to a "great" team. The Lakers, New York Knicks and Portland Trail Blazers all come to mind. Of those three teams, I think Nash would fit best with the Blazers. The Lakers and Knicks don't have much to offer a Suns team that is looking to rebuild. As Grantland and ESPNs Bill Simmons mentioned in his NBA Season Review: 20 Questions, Part 2 column, the Blazers can offer the Suns Raymond Felton, Nic Batum, and $3 million in cash for Nash. A starting lineup of Nash, Jamal Crawford, Gerald Wallace, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Marcus Camby would be arguably the deepest 1-5 lineup in the entire league. 

    Nash may never ask the Suns for a trade, but thinking about Nash on the Blazers is too juicy to ignore.  

The Best Destination for Howard?

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    According to Orlando Magic General Manager Otis Smith, there are three teams that Dwight Howard has on his wish list: the New Jersey Nets, the Lakers and the Dallas Mavericks.

    Even with the recent news of Kobe Bryant apparently turning Howard off from the Lakers, Los Angeles still has the most trade assets to acquire the big man from Orlando.

    Neither the Mavericks or the Nets have many building blocks to offer the Magic for Howard. The Lakers have two seven footers in Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. The Lakers would rather deal Gasol, as reported by Ken Berger of CBS Sports. Bynum was recently named an All-Star starter. The Lakers would like to keep him because he's the younger player with more upside. If the Lakers could somehow team Howard and Bynum, they'd be nearly impossible to defend because of the huge size advantage. A trio of Howard, Bynum and Bryant could be better than the "Big Three" of the Miami Heat. Three All-Star starters on one team.

    I don't see why the Magic would trade Howard for an aging player like Gasol. Gasol is still a great player, but he's definitely on the downside of his career. If the Magic could get Bynum back for Howard, they'd have another center they could build their team around, barring injury that is.