Giants Parade 2012: Highlights from New York's Emotional Celebration

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2012

Giants Parade 2012: Highlights from New York's Emotional Celebration

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    This is the moment you dream about your entire life. This is the moment when all of the blood, sweat and tears you have dedicated to the game over the years finally pay off.

    This is the victory parade.

    The New York Giants have been Super Bowl champions of the world for 48 hours now, and the celebration on Tuesday mirrored one of a team that has reached the pinnacle of their profession.

    From drum banging punters to ill fated attempts to rap, the victory parade around New York City and New Jersey seemed to be a rousing success with good times all around.

    Here are a few of the highlights.

I Gotta Ring!

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    At the podium a few of the big name Giants had a few words for the crowd. Somehow, Justin Tuck was able to turn it into a concert of sorts through peer pressure.

    “We gotta ring” may not be the most creative hook of all-time, but it’s certainly fitting. 

    Practice squad member Andre Brown is the one leading the cheers, wearing a LA Kings hat. Of all the days to represent your team by wearing the endless amount of free gear they send you, today would be it. 

    Guess not. 

One Last Victor Cruz Salsa Dance

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    Nobody had quite the season Victor Cruz had. From undrafted to top five in receiving yards and a touchdown in the Super Bowl, it’s an incredible rags to riches story.

    His signature salsa dance was a staple all season long, so watching him do it one last time for the next seven months was a must.

    Side note: What the heck is Michael Strahan doing there? He had nothing to do with anything this season…or the last three before that. 

Eli Manning Gets Mistaken for Mark Sanchez

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    Sometimes when you have a million people celebrating together, not everybody is on the same page.

    When NBC New York got a live shot from the heart of the parade, they decided to interview the two drunkest girls there.

    The first girl could say nothing more than “amaaaaazing” but the real gem came from the second girl.

    When asked to tell the viewers who she was most excited to see, she yelled out “Saaaaaanchez”.


    It just goes to show that over 50-percent of the country doesn’t watch the Super Bowl. I think parades need to have a strict rule that prohibits anybody that can’t name the freakin’ quarterback of the team that just won from being allowed to celebrate. 

Steve Weathford, a Punter And....Drummer?

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    The punter is never the center of attention...unless they have a large drum attached to their body.

    Weatherford, who had a great game in the Super Bowl, had the biggest grin plastered across his face as he spoke with reporters. 

    He looked incredibly fired up to pound on those drums, it's just too bad he didn't do it for the cameras.

    It's hilarious that he's wearing a helmet that is singed by what looks to be the majority of the team. Nothing like running around a parade of millions with a $5,000 piece of memorabilia attached to your head. 

Receivers Reserved

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    The group of receivers on this float don't seem particularly excited, but when you are up partying for two days straight it's understandable. 

    Although there is a moment at the :50 mark that catches the eye. A football is thrown in the float and a guy snags it with one hand like it was nothing. Then he does the same thing with the pen. 

    No wonder he's on the wide receiver float. 

Eli Manning with the Trophy

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    Here’s a small sample of the actual parade.

    Eli Manning is his typical reserved self, this time with just enough energy to give an emphatic thrust of the Super Bowl trophy.