Jeremy Lin's Girlfriend: 10 NY Hotties the New Knicks' Golden Boy Should Date

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterFebruary 7, 2012

Jeremy Lin's Girlfriend: 10 NY Hotties the New Knicks' Golden Boy Should Date

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    When the Knicks signed Jeremy Lin, an undrafted point guard out of Harvard, in December 2011, he was virtually unknown. What a difference a month makes, right?

    After a month of riding the bench in New York, injuries to starters Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire provided Lin the opportunity to show his stuff—and he certainly took advantage of the situation.  

    In two of his first games starting, Lin clocked 81 minutes of playing time and a career-high 25 points off the bench against the Nets, and followed it up with a 28-point game against the Jazz.

    An overnight sensation was born. "Linsanity" is the word that has been used to describe the madness surrounding the sudden success of the NBA's first American-born Chinese player.

    Plus, it's just so happens that Lin is single—which means within weeks the NY media will be linking him with every single woman who finds herself standing next to him. 

    Before that happens, I'm going to try my hand at matchmaking for the Knicks next superstar in the making. Here are 10 local hotties that Lin should meet for dinner and drinks at Butter. 

10. Ashley Alexandra Dupré, Former Call Girl

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    Ashley Alexandra Dupré is probably best known as the call girl at the center of the political sex scandal that brought down former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer. She posed for a memorable Playboy pictorial months after the scandal made headlines. 

    Dupré has since left the life of a call girl behind her and currently writes an advice column, "Ask Ashley," for the New York Post. 

9. Caroline Nuckolls, Vogue Magazine

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    Caroline Nuckolls is the Assistant to the Managing Editor at Teen Vogue and at just 21-years-old, she is already becoming a major player in the New York fashion world. 

    Nuckolls is a recent NYU graduate and holds a degree in art history and mathematics—making her a great match for the Harvard educated Lin who holds a degree in economics. 

8. Emma Stone, Actress

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    Emma Stone is one of the fastest rising actresses in the country and at 23-years-old, she's the same age as Lin.

    Like Lin, Stone is a New York transplant—she moved from Los Angeles to Greenwich Village in 2009.

7. Meredith Marakovits Sports Reporter

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    Meredith Marakovits isn't currently a NY hottie, but she used to work as a reporter for 1050 ESPN Radio in New York, and is currently just a train ride away working for Comcast Sportsnet Philly. 

    Marakovits graduated from La Salle University in her native Philadelphia, but there's always a chance she could be lured back to The Big Apple for the right opportunity. 

6. Maggie Q, Actress

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    Maggie Q is a former fashion model and currently stars of the action-thriller TV series Nikita. Maggie isn't a current New Yorker, but she has roots there—her father is a NY native. 

    At 32-years-old, Maggie is almost 10 years Lin's senior—but that whole cougar thing is still in vogue. 

5. Jenn Sterger, Media Personality

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    Jenn Sterger is a model and television personality who is best known as the object of aged, married quarterback Brett Favre's affections.

    Sterger was first discovered in the crowd at a Florida State game in 2005, when broadcaster Brent Musburger commented on the impact a cheering Sterger might have on applicants to the university. 

    When the Favre scandal broke in 2010, Sterger was working as a "Gameday Host" for the Jets and was a co-host for a show on the Versus network.

    She has managed to keep a relatively low profile since the scandal, but we'd all welcome seeing her out on the town with a more age-appropriate New York athlete. 

4. Ally Hilfiger, Daughter of Tommy Hilfiger

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    Ally Hilfiger is the 26-year-old daughter of American fashion designer and founder of the premium lifestyle brand, Tommy Hilfiger. Ally appeared in the short-lived MTV reality show Rich Girls in 2003, but has pursued less-stupid endeavors since. 

    In addition to designing for her father's brand H by Hilfiger, Ally is an accomplished artist whose work was exhibited at the Chelsea Art Museum in January, 2008. 

3. Kate Upton, Model

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    In December 2011, it was rumored that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Kate Upton was dating Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

    The reports were believable enough, but a few months have passed and there has yet to be an official confirmation. 

    Until those two are actually seen together, Upton is officially still up for grabs. At 23-years-old, Lin is only four years older than the 19-year-old model—and showing up anywhere with Upton on his arm would make Lin the most buzzed about player in the NBA. 

2. Vanessa Hudgens

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    In late 2011, it was reported that scandalous one-time Disney princess Vanessa Hudgens was ditching Hollywood for New York City.

    At 23-years-old, Hudgens is actually the same age as Lin and they both share a mixed-Chinese heritage. 

    The two would actually be pretty adorable together—the Harvard educated basketball star could ground the wild-child actress, and she could introduce the Knicks' newest star to the New York night life! 

1. Lana Del Rey, Singer

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    Singer Lana Del Rey's appearance on Saturday Night Live in January, 2012, was one of the most talked about performances in the show's history.

    Actress Juliette Lewis, news anchor Brian Williams and SNL host Daniel Radcliffe were among the countless throngs who weighed in on her performance. 

    If you're among all of the normal people who don't know or don't care what all of the fuss is about—consider yourself an amazing human being.

    All that aside, the 25-year-old singer is both talented and striking—and being a New York native, Del Rey is guaranteed to date at least one local athlete before settling down.