NFL Free Agency 2012: Predicting the 5 Biggest Free Agent Contracts

Erik FrenzSenior Writer IFebruary 7, 2012

2012 NFL free agency begins on March 13, and if you're not the New York Giants you may already be intimately familiar with the best free agents in this class.

Who gets the biggest contracts is a product of both the class and the teams bidding. A dearth of defensive talent has fans scrambling to the phones begging their favorite team's front office to jump on the Mario Williams bandwagon. The demand he sees could drive his price up significantly.

With running back as a devalued position overall, who knows what the contracts will look like for big-time bruisers such as Ray Rice and Matt Forte, clearly the two most talented backs available?

And of course, who could forget the quarterbacks? Drew Brees is the biggest name available. Though he'll probably remain a Saint, he'll certainly cash in on a big deal. The question now becomes how much will a team be willing to fork over for Matt Flynn?

Who will net the biggest contracts? Push play and find out.

Author's note: Since restricted free agents are unlikely to leave their teams and may not receive big contracts, this list only highlights 2012's unrestricted free agents.

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