New York Giants DE Justin Tuck's Super Bowl-Sized Gift to His Championship Team

Weston GreenContributor IFebruary 7, 2012

The Super Bowl was epic. Bradying is the new Tebowing, and the Lombardi Trophy has been rightfully returned to New York City. 

After the last piece of confetti dropped on the Lucas Oil Stadium field, one 'Giant' man thought of a unique gift that he could present to everyone on his team. That man was Justin Tuck. That gift was Johnnie Walker Blue Label.  

As noted, each bottle had the recipients' name and the words "Super Bowl XLVI Champions" engraved on the bottle.

Tuck didn't stop with engravings there. For wide receiver Mario Manningham, he wrote "The Catch" to pay tribute to one of the most unforgettable plays of the game. But what about Eli Manning? Where was "The Throw"? Or running back Ahmad Bradshaw's epic play "The Sit"? Or "The Coach" for Tom Coughlin? 

In an official statement from Justin Tuck, he said he "wanted to give the guys on the team, the coaches and everyone who got us to Indianapolis a personal gift to thank them for everything that they've done." That's nice—but he could have spent a little time adding some extra context for everyone else. But then again, what really would he had put on tackle Tony Ugoh's bottle? "Great Tackle"? 

Above is a photo of defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul's personalized bottle. The only question remains: what did Eli get everyone?