Peyton Manning Goes to Washington: A Capitol Dream—A Fans Delight

Robert LeonardoContributor IMarch 9, 2012

The NFL's Most Wanted
The NFL's Most WantedJoey Foley/Getty Images

Life in the NFL sure seems rather heartbreaking at times for both players and fans.

Regardless how difficult separations are for some people, over time wounds mend and we all move on. If you’re Peyton Manning, or a fan of the legendary quarterback, don't despair—get your game face on because I think the best is yet to come.

According to some though, the sun has supposedly set on the four-time MVP and Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning.

The fatigued Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay must think (or at least as he has decided) that Luck is more valuable then Gold. Well, I hope for his sake, and Indy fans as well, Mr. Irsay’s belief in Andrew Luck doesn't turn out to be fools gold—time will tell.

After watching Peyton Manning all these years it was emotionally difficult to view the  “funeral-like” (h/t @ Warren Sapp) departure Tuesday.  As I listened to all the pundits on ESPN, and NFL network make their predictions of where Peyton would play, I had a long and fruitful discussion with a real close friend, named Pick-O-Tron, a self-proclaimed oracle of the NFL.

I think most of us fans have at least one friend who seems to get it right more often then not, so I thought I would share the vanity.

After hours of discussing factors such as: team playoff capability, a three year window, health, money, weather, coaches, air density, cities, divisions, family and owners, it became a bit less cluttered, and only one team could qualify under our scrutiny.

So I decided  it’s time to go on record that the NFL’s greatest gun-slinger Peyton Manning, based on our detailed yet un-paid analysis, will saddle-up and ride on in to the nations capitol to play for the Washington Redskins.

So News Flash: we feel Peyton Manning will not go to Miami, nor Seattle nor Kansas City.

Those teams are not playoff ready or don’t have a championship experienced coach in place. Peyton Manning will not play for the NY Jets either—Peyton and Rex Ryan—Never.

Forget San Francisco and Denver as well, those cities just don’t have the right feel. Feel is critical for Peyton and time is short. No coach can be thinking past three years for a ring.  

The bottom line is that only one owner can make this happen (no, not Jerry Jones), and only one coach is qualified to produce a Super Bowl team. Dan Snyder and coach Mike Shanahan, with the addition of Peyton Manning uniquely create a Super Bowl chemistry. With Peyton at the helm I would expect that he will attract a few good receivers, perhaps the likes of Reggie Wayne or Vincent Jackson. 

This kind of combination would bring a Lombardi trophy to Washington quickly.

Finally, all the talk about Peyton Manning's unwillingness to play in the same division with his brother is ridiculous. He is a professional playing in the the last few years of his career, coming off an injury and one ring behind his brother Eli.

The Washington Redskins offer Peyton his best chance to achieve not only another ring, but another piece of history as the only starting quarterback in the NFL to win Super Bowls with two separate teams.

Considering the dreary news that comes out of Washington these days, Peyton Manning's hopeful arrival would be a well needed dose of cheer that Washingtonians and all Americans could surely use.