Steve Weatherford Video: Watch Giants Punter Join Drum Line During Parade

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The New York Giants finally had the opportunity to relax and get loose during their Super Bowl victory parade, and you can bet the players took full advantage.

Steve Weatherford is surprisingly outspoken for a punter, but after playing a terrific Super Bowl that’s perfectly OK. The local NBC station in New York City was providing live coverage of the festivities, and a reporter found the Giants' punter wearing a helmet and banging the drums.

The unintentional comedy of this video is the reporter telling the audience Weatherford was with her before pointing the microphone in his direction. It doesn’t take her long to realize that she didn’t actually ask a question yet, and there is a nice awkward silence.

Another goofy aspect is the fact he is wearing a replica helmet that looks to have the majority of the team’s signatures on it. How much do you think a random fan would throw Weatherford for that piece of memorabilia on the street?

A grand? Five grand? Weatherford should have held a live auction out there.

The interview rolls on, and Weatherford goes into typical player mode when he gives all the credit to the fans and the city.

Much to my chagrin, he doesn’t beat the large drum attached to his body for the camera although he sort of gives us a pump fake.

The video is a good one because it captures the raw excitement and joy of a player that has reached the pinnacle. Sure, he’s only a punter, but he did play a sizable role in the Giants' improbable run, and now it’s time to reap all of the benefits.

If you didn’t know Weatherford before, well, you still don’t, but at least you are aware he has a solid sense of humor. 

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