WWE News: Heat on the Miz over R-Truth from Triple H and Others

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WWE News: Heat on the Miz over R-Truth from Triple H and Others
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Anyone who watched last night's episode of Monday Night Raw will undoutedly have noticed the very nasty botch that occured in the Six Pack Challenge main event after R-Truth dived onto the outside of the ring onto The Miz, who failed to catch him properly.

It was immediately concluded by officials that the hurt R-Truth, who looked to have badly smacked the back of his head on the mat, could not continue in the match, leading to him quickly being escorted escorted backstage for medical attention.

Thankfully, R-Truth avoided major injury and will not miss any ring time, per a news report posted on the company's official site last night.

However, despite this good news, there is reportedly a great deal of heat on The Miz for the accident, with many feeling he badly botched the catch. Mike Johnson of PWInsider noted last night: "Miz was being blamed for the spot going awry. There was a ton of heat on him from WWE management, including Triple H, backstage after the Raw taping."

Johnson later elaborated, claiming Miz had been the recipient of a scathing verbal beatdown from Triple H backstage after the match was over:   

The heat for that fell squarely on Miz last night, as I wrote. Triple H loudly disciplined Miz in front of the locker room as soon as he returned to the back. Truth is still scheduled to head for U.A.E. today for the first tour ever there as WWE has three shows later this week.

Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline would also note on last night's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio (available to subscribers only) that as far as the locker room went, "everyone was mad" at Miz after the accident. Wrestlers Lance Storm, Kevin Steen and Shane Helms would also criticize Miz on their Twitter pages over his failure to protect R-Truth in the fall.

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