Steven Pledger Video: Watch Oklahoma Star Celebrate Botched Game-Tying 3

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One of my biggest pet peeves in sports is when players prematurely celebrate, which is exactly what Oklahoma Sooners guard Stephen Pledger did when he attempted to tie the game on a three-point attempt.

Pledger, after releasing the ball, fell to one knee and did a weak little fist pump-like celebration, only to watch the ball bang off the rim, thus ending the game.

The Sooners did well to miss a free throw on purpose and tip the ball out to the perimeter, where Pledger was waiting for a great look at the basket from long range. He could not have had a better look at the basket to tie the game, yet Pledger still missed the shot.

The worst part about this video is, the shot would not have won the game; it just would have sent the game into overtime. Why would you celebrate sending a game into overtime?

Sure, it would be exciting and give your team a chance for a thrilling upset, but there's absolutely no reason to celebrate when your team hasn't even won yet.

After missing the shot, Pledger falls to the ground and looks devastated he missed. Unfortunately for him, doing that did not prevent people from seeing him make a fool out of himself by prematurely celebrating.

Pledger's missed three-point shot allowed No. 4 ranked Missouri to avoid an upset and earn another solid win after they defeated rival Kansas on Saturday night.

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