2012 NFL Draft Projections: Top 10 QBs

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIIFebruary 7, 2012

2012 NFL Draft Projections: Top 10 QBs

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    With the 2011-12 college and NFL seasons officially in the books, all 32 NFL teams are in their offseason and football players coming out of college will try and make their final impressions in the combine and in personal workouts.

    Here, I've rank the top 10 quarterbacks entering the 2012 NFL draft. This list showcases two quarterbacks who are promised to have big careers in the NFL and several others who have the potential to make some differences for a franchise, as well.

Andrew Luck, Stanford

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    Andrew Luck has received more exposure than other quarterbacks have received coming out of college.

    Luck has been advertised as not only the best quarterback, but as one of the best college football players to enter the draft.

    Last year, Luck decided to spend one more year at Stanford. Since then, without hesitation, all of the early 2012 mock drafts had Luck being the first one taken.

    Projection: 1st overall

Robert Griffin III, Baylor

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    In the eyes of several spectators, Robert Griffin III has been labeled as the best quarterback entering the 2012 NFL draft.

    While Griffin did have a good season and earned himself the Heisman Trophy, Luck gets the slight edge because he has been "NFL-ready" longer.

    As for Griffin, his cannon-like arm and mobility is something that has helped him get to where he is today. NFL teams like what they see in Griffin, and he could help make the receivers around him look good.

    Projection: 2nd overall

Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State

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    Brandon Weeden is the next player who is the most prepared for the NFL.

    Weeden was a big factor in helping Oklahoma State construct a comeback win over Texas A&M this past season. But, a loss against Iowa State pulled Weeden's stock down and pushed Oklahoma State out of a chance for the BCS Championship match.

    Like Luck and Griffin, Weeden has a strong arm which will be noticed by defensive players in the NFL. Weeden is also very accurate with his throws, which is very important in a league where turnovers can decide the outcome of games.

    Projection: Late first round

Brock Osweiler, Arizona State

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    Brock Osweiler is a gifted athlete at 6'8". No one would think he is a quarterback, judging by his height.

    Osweiler set several school records in Arizona State during his time as a college football player. Coming in, Osweiler has a good arm and very good mobility for someone his height.

    If Osweiler can improve on his accuracy and make better decisions, he could have a long career.

    Projection: Second round

Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

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    Ryan Tannenhill might be one of the best quarterbacks to enter the draft this year.

    However, injuries might prevent him from going in the first round. His road to becoming an NFL player is off to a rough start since he missed the Senior Bowl.

    Tennenhill had some up-and-down games this past season. He struggled in big conference games against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas and it probably hurt his draft stock some.

    Tannenhill will still get drafted and will have the opportunity to find a starting job in the NFL.

    Projection: Late second round

Nick Foles, Arizona

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    Nick Foles was part of a few shootouts this season, which is always entertaining to see from a spectator's point of view.

    Foles is ready to enter the NFL, but he may not start right away. Foles will have to spend some time improving on his skill-set before he gets his chance to start.

    Foles is one player who an NFL coach can look to as a player who can lead a football team, which is something coaches want from a quarterback.

    Projection: Third round

Kirk Cousins, Michigan State

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    Kirk Cousins has a lot of the tools a coach would want out of a quarterback.

    The only issue with Cousins is having to deal with pressure applied by opposing defenses.

    Cousins didn't have the most perfect offensive line at Michigan State, where they were running a pro-style offense. If he is given a good line in the NFL, he may find some success.

    One big positive about Cousins is that he can keep his turnover ratio down. He threw 10 interceptions in 2011 and only 30 during his all four years as a college quarterback.

    Projection: Third round

Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

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    One thing that people will notice about Russell Wilson when you watch him is his ability to move around in the pocket and escape pressure, making him a very mobile and athletic quarterback.

    Wilson has a good arm and is one of the best quarterbacks coming in when it comes to footwork. He was also a very efficient passer during his time in Wisconsin.

    However, Wilson's height is a concern. At 5'11", Wilson's size and stature is an obvious problem. Wilson's chances of starting early in his career are little-to-none.

    Projection: Fourth round

Case Keenum, Houston

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    Case Keenum had a heck of a senior season at Houston, completing 71 percent of his throws.

    He also threw for 5,631 yards, 48 touchdowns and just five interceptions this past season.

    However, Keenum struggled against Southern Miss, the only ranked team on their schedule. But, he bounced back against Penn State in the TicketCity Bowl, throwing 532 yards and three touchdowns.

    Playing a soft schedule has not allowed him to have his name placed  with Luck's and Griffin's. This is similar to Todd Reesing and Colt Brennan when they played a soft schedule and found success in college.

    Projection: Fifth round

Kellen Moore, Boise State

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    Kellen Moore spent four incredible seasons with Boise State and was part of a successful football program.

    Moore threw for 43 touchdowns and nine interceptions with exactly 3,800 yards passing last year. However, Moore's stats may not carry over to the pros.

    Moore lacks a strong arm, and his size and stature are very small compared to all of the other quarterbacks entering this year's draft.

    Moore will still find a home in the league. However, playing for a small school and lacking some professional skill sets won't allow him to be an elite quarterback in the NFL.

    Projection: Sixth round